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Saturday, November 13, 2010

About Momsie

Being a mom (or Dad!) is a tough job so it needs to be equally as fun.  Momsie is for all the parents who want to create a life for their child that is original and fun!  We are dedicated to helping you do that with local people, places and things.  And when we can't find it locally we will bring it to you through the magic of the internet.  As a mother of two very busy and crazy boys I have to make a conscience effort to find the humor in things and not take these toddler years too seriously.  Momsie is not only a great resource for me, it is an outlet so that I can stay sane!  I hope that I am able to pass along information that will help other moms to get a little creative and make some memories that will stand out in your child's mind.  And as the cherry on top, we will introduce you to some wonderful people and resources right here in Charlotte!  We hope you enjoy our site and we always welcome feedback.  Got a creative idea or a suggestion to make things even better?  Please share it with us and all the other momsies!

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