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Monday, June 18, 2012

Decorating Help...

Over in my other life I am offering a new service this summer.  DesignPOST Interiors is my other baby and if you haven't visited that blog, please take a minute and head here.  I wanted to share my new service with you all in case any of you are struggling with decorating decisions around your house.

I would love to help beautify the spaces of some Momsie readers, so check it out and give me a shout!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snack Bento Boxes for Kids

Summer is here, which in my house means a constant chorus of "Can I have a snack??"  It seems like every time I turn around my son is telling me he is hungry.  After awhile I run out of ideas to offer him.  I finally had an aha moment today and I think it may just save my sanity and his.

Ready-to-Eat Snack Bento Boxes

I made one "cold" box and one "hot" to be kept in the pantry and refrigerator.
I keep them low on a shelf where my son can help himself.

I explained that these are snacks he can choose from when he is hungry.
He can have 1 of anything in the box as long as he has asked permission.

This saves me from having to think up a snack on the spot and he is excited to be able to choose from a variety of foods.

Here is what I included in the "cold" box:

  • plums (already washed)
  • grapes (washed in individual bags)
  • mozzarella cheese sticks
  • cheddar cheese cubes
  • yogurt

Here is what I included in the "hot" box:

  • reduced fat Cheez-its (in individual bags)
  • Honey Teddy Grahams (in individual bags)
  • raisins (snack boxes)
  • fruit leathers
  • granola bars
  • popcorn
  • peanut butter crackers

Have you come up with any simple, sanity-saving, ideas lately??

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Laughs...

The same pose??

Aniston Jolie Leg

Not hardly!

It's one thing to show a little leg through a slit.
It's another to bring your leg along as your escort.

Awkward vs. normal
(in more ways than one)

Hope you all have a fun weekend, with nothing more serious than this on your minds!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Verdict is In...

We will be adding some PINK to our house!!  We found out today that we will be welcoming a little girl this fall.  Not sure if IVF turned the odds for a girl in my favor or what but I am so thrilled!



#clothes #girl #kids

cute girl clothes!



OMG, my little girl will have adorable little bathing suits like this.


This is gonna be fun!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Recipe Goldmine!!

Do you know these ladies??

Well, you should!
These 6 beautiful girls are sisters (their poor dad, right?) and they have 
a really cool blog called Six Sisters Stuff.

Really cool doesn't actually even begin to scratch the surface!
They all contribute to the content which is mainly recipes which means tons and tons of quick and easy meals!  I have already gone on their recipe index and planned my meals for the next 2 weeks!!

Their recipes are broken down in the index so you can quickly look for a salad idea, a crockpot meal, or just quick bites.  All of the recipes I have read so far seem easy on preparation and the wallet!

I feel like someone just delivered a new recipe box to my kitchen and it couldn't have been better timing as I have hit a major slump in the cooking department.

Thanks Ryan, for sharing with me...I am passing the love on to all of you!

Some of the meals I have on our upcoming menu are:

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Public Service Announcement...

While spending some time at the park yesterday I ran into one of my biggest pet peeves.  As I sat in the hot sun and watched and listened I became more and more frustrated.  And suddenly I realized that I have a mommy blog and I could rant in rave in print!  So, my big pet peeve is bratty kids.  Yes, I said it.  Bratty kids are the worst.  And let me preface this by saying that my kids have tantrums, act selfishly, and can push my buttons all day long.  So, I am not referring to the typical kid behavior.  I get it, I know that's part of childhood.  What I am talking about are the kids who are out and out rude, mean, and just general pests.

I should also preface all of this by saying that I fully understand that kids are a product of their environment.  They mirror what they see and their behavior most often reflects what is going on in their little lives.  I know that ultimately the kid is not to blame...it is their parents.  Yesterday we ran into Bratty Brat McBratterson.  He was intent on pushing my son's buttons.  Luckily my son is too young still to really get what was going on but I was fully aware.  Should I also mention fully hot and fully hormonal??  It started on the swings.  While I pushed Sullivan (my youngest) Oliver waited on another swing for me to come push him.  He has not mastered the whole pumping your legs thing so he just sat there still.  Next to him this kid was just dying for attention so he just repeatedly said things like, "Wheee I sure am swinging high!"  "I am glad I know how to swing by myself!"  "Swinging so soo easy!"  

You know how to spot a brat?  They are the ones who aren't intimidated at all by adults.  When I walked over to push Oliver this kid just kept up his commentary.  Staring at both of us just daring, WISHING, we would say something to him.  Oh, it was tempting but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction.  I just tried to remind myself that he was in need of attention.  I tried to feel bad for him.  Tried.

So cut to the slide....guess whose there??!  Oh yeah, Mr. Brat and he was on a mission to make enemies.  This time just sitting at the end of the slide staring off into space so no one else could go down.  Then it was off to the monkey bars where he could swing wildly into other people.  And then finally a round of following some poor kid staying 2 inches from his face.  He went around just sucking all the fun out of the playground.  And best of all, is that I never saw a parent.  No grandmother, babysitter, teacher, no one!  I envisioned his mom on some bench texting or maybe sitting in her car reading a book.  Sure he was annoying but the real problem is that he had no adult around correcting him or reigning him in.

So maybe my rant should not be about brats but more specifically brats' parents.  Where are you people that let your kid run wild??  Where are you when they are being nasty to other kids??  Why is it everyone else's problem??  Man up and watch your kid!  If they have gotten too out of control, don't bring them to a park and set them free for God's sake.  Give them some extra love and attention.  Take them to a specialists if it is out of your control.  At the very least, don't let them ruin the playground for every other kid (and hormonal mom)!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Thoughts...

Can I be this cool in my next life?

Say what you want about Gwenyth but girls got some serious style and a body to die for!

FREQUENT FLYER   photo | Gwyneth Paltrow

And I will take Reese's pregnancy style for $200 Alec.

Can she get any cuter?  She makes it look so effortless which I can appreciate these days since most of my mornings start off with my whining about all my clothes that don't fit.

GRAY SCALE photo | Reese Witherspoon

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pregnancy Style for a Wedding...

Wouldn't you know that we would have a wedding to attend right smack in the middle of this in-between stage I am currently going through.  My old clothes don't fit and maternity stuff is generally too big.  And now we have a wedding this weekend and I have been scrambling to find something, ANYTHING, to wear!  Luckily my friend loaned me a dress and I have thrown together an outfit similar to this...

maternity cocktail

Not the most exciting outfit but it will work and I only had to buy the necklace, which was $13 from H&M.  Those lovely little heels you see at the bottom have been on my wishlist for a long time!  They are from Zara and apparently they are on a lot of people's because my size keeps selling out.  Boo :(  

What were some of your go-to shopping sites for maternity clothes??

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cattle Call at Your Local Fertility Clinic...

So I shared that we embarked on in vitro fertilization (IVF) for baby #3 after suffering two ectopic pregnancies.  I had some experience with our fertility clinic after my first son, Oliver was born since I was having trouble getting pregnant a second time.  I was referred to Reproductive Endocrinologist Specialists of Charlotte (REACH) by my OBGYN after having my first ectopic and subsequently not being able to get pregnant for several months following.

I will start by saying that REACH is a fabulous practice with some of the greatest doctors in North Carolina.  I am beyond grateful for all of their help in my journey and I really grew to love my doctor there.  Grew to love him.  My first visit to the REACH office was not great.  At the time, a couple of years ago, my mental state on all this baby-making business was pretty bad.  I was sick of trying to get pregnant with no results and I didn't understand why it had suddenly become a problem after an easy first time.  I was impatient and scared.  Leaving my regular OBGYN was hard too since I had become familiar with his practice and all of my nurses there.

First of all, the vibe in a "regular" OBGYN office is much lighter.  Most people visiting are there for regular exams or are pregnant.  People are chipper and happy.  Usually you are leaving with normal happy results and visits are pretty routine.  The vibe in a fertility clinic could not be more different.  Everything is somber and no one makes eye contact.  The staff is friendly enough but they don't make a lot of small-talk.  I assume it's because they never know the mental state of the patient with whom they are speaking and they do not want to rock the boat.  I understand, I mean after all most women are there because something is "broken" with their reproductive system.  Patients are coming because either, they having been trying without results, have gone through something traumatic like multiple miscarriages or are starting the process of a sometimes-lengthy fertility treatment.  Needless to say, most patients do not come in looking like a ball of sunshine.

Add to these factors that a lot of patients have zero children.  They are sometimes couples who have waited later in life to start families and therefor are running into issues with fertility.  I always felt like these couples would look me up and down with a sad smile as if they were thinking, "Hey, at least you have age on your side."  It made me feel bad that I am young (ish).  Or there are healthy-looking young couples who are clearly ready for a family and for whatever reason are not having any luck just yet.  These couples just look worn down.  It was always these women who avoided eye contact as if they felt embarrassed or ashamed that they had to be there.

The absolute worst was when I was forced to bring my children with me.  Children are not a regular sight at a fertility clinic and I know why.  When I would bring my kids they stood out like a sore thumb.  It just feels wrong to bring them there....like you are flaunting them and your good ovaries.

But as bad as it was to bring children into the office it was far worse to witness the men.  Sometimes the men were just there to accompany their wives and offer support but when you see them on the 3rd floor, it is a whole other story.  The poor men would look absolutely mortified to walk in the lab to retrieve their "specimen" cup.  They know why they are there and you know why they are there and there is no way to pretend you don't even when they try to act nonchalant.  Come on buddy, we all know why you are going in that little room.  Poor men.

All of this is just a prelude to your actual first appointment.  For me, that was not a good day.  I couldn't wait to meet this specialist and finally get some answers.  So after waiting for a good 30 minutes for a doctor who, I would later learn is notoriously late, I was fuming.  You would think that a good joke to break the ice would cure my irritation but something about a doctor talking like Donald Duck just didn't ring funny to me that day.  Or the several after on which he would do his impersonation again.  This man risked his life by 1. being late and 2. trying to bring a Disney character into my appointments.

So, the warm and friendly vibe of my regular OBGYN was gone.  I became a name on a long list and started feeling as though I was part of a cattle call.  But slowly I began to find the familiar faces who always made my appointments feel more personal and less depressing.  Even my doctor became a trusted partner in this whole process and I came to love him dearly.  Yes, duck voice and all.

My experiences at REACH became less and less horrible and eventually I found my groove among all of the somberness.  Hey, on one occasion I even saw a reality star!  Wish I could share who but I really wouldn't feel right.  So hang on with me and I will continue to share my road to baby #3!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lessons from the Dark Side

Week two with a 2 year old and I've aged about 10 years on my life. I mean, did someone send him a memo that said, "Hey kid, you're 2 now. You know what that means, right?". It's like he went to bed a little, innocent toddler and woke up with a mission to destroy. Ok, maybe I'm being paranoid. But he is at least looking to conquer if not destroy. I know, Mother's Day just passed and that's supposed to be when you reflect on your immense love of mothering and the wonder that your kids are. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was too busy picking up a toddler from the day's 10th tantrum and pleading with him to just take a deep breath to have time for all that mushy stuff. Now that's what a Mother's Day celebration looks like with a 2 year old. Hey, don't judge. I'm just being honest. Throw in the fact that I'm barely 2 weeks away from expanding this family from 3 to 4 members and you can just imagine about how much patience I have. I found myself recently enjoying a rare quiet moment and thinking about what exactly I could do to make the toddler years bearable (other than boarding school)and it really boiled down to some simple ideas...
Set low expectations for behavior. Our farmer's market just started back up and I was so excited to take Nash last week to enjoy the much needed Seattle sun and my favorite ice cream. Silly me. Why would a kid want ice cream?? It's just delicious and sweet and a rare treat. He screamed when I offered him any and ended up throwing it on the ground. Lesson: Don't expect that they'll be as excited about something as you think they would be.
Don't tell them what to do. Ok, so this is nearly impossible I know. You just have to find a way to tell them without telling them. For instance, Nash and his beloved dog are playing together. Nash has the dog's ball which he's been throwing for the dog to fetch. When I say to Nash "throw the ball" Nash screams and refuses to let the ball go from his clutches for the rest of the afternoon. Why? Because I told him to do it. Lesson: Don't interrupt a good thing. If there isn't blood or danger involved, keep your mouth shut and let the good times roll.
Lie. Yep, that's what I said. Lie. I'm sure there are about a thousand parenting "experts" that would gasp at the suggestion but I'm here to tell you, it's mama's secret weapon. Now, I don't mean lie about the big stuff (or maybe do, I dont' know). But if you need to tell them that they're best friend is waiting for them at the grocery store or that mama's food is too hot for them to eat then by all means go on and tell that lie. Lesson: If it gets you from point A to B without a colossal meltdown or physical harm then that lie just saved the day.
Beg. Just like a dog you sometimes gotta beg. Beg for peace. Beg for quiet. Beg for mercy. I swear Nash can hear the desperation and pleading in my voice when I'm at the point of begging. "Please. Please just don't scream. I promise I'll do whatever you want. Just please don't scream." He's got me right where he wants me at that moment. Lesson: I aint too proud to beg.
Repeat to yourself, "This too shall pass." Nash has slowly been changing up his sleep patterns and not for the better. We went a week with no nap (hell on earth), a week with pre-7am wake up (a no, no in this house), and several nights of 9pm or later bedtimes (ever heard of the book "Go the F to Sleep??"). In the moment I was freaking out thinking that this would become the new normal, he would be crabby forever, we would all be sleep deprived, we had a newborn on the way...AHHH!! I imagined it to be the worst case scenario. And the truth is that although he's not going to sleep as much as he used to, it's not the end of the world. He'll get as much sleep as he needs and we're all going to survive. Lesson: Nothing stays the same forever- for better or worse.
Don't get me wrong about all of this. There are so many moments of every day where my precious boy genuinely makes me laugh or warms my heart with his endless kisses and hugs. The kid has my heart, no question about it. And all of this isn't exactly ground breaking advice. But it's helping me survive or at least get a game plan in place so that Nash isn't raised without a mother. I may not know much but I know that if I can find ways, little or small, to raise a well adjusted, happy child then I've already won. Best of luck to you mamas trying to do the same.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Will Survive...Right?

I'm taking a break from bringing you the best of Pinterest this week in honor of becoming the mom to a newly 2 year old boy. Clearly every birthday is reason for celebration and this one was no exception. But along with celebrating I also have an intense dread of what is certainly on the horizon for parenting a 2 year old. Toss in the fact that in a few short weeks I will also be bringing a newborn into the picture and it's enough to bring even the strongest of mamas to her knees. I may only be a day into the "terrible 2s" but here are some things that I've already learned are a sure sign you have a 2 year old...
  • You sneak in all of your meals, snacks, and drinks so that you can enjoy them in peace
  • You constantly find your belongings in his ball popper toy
  • You find yourself using a voice that is usually reserved for mental patients to avoid yet another meltdown
  • After several minutes of uninterrupted peace and quiet you can't decide if you should check on them or just enjoy this brief moment of silence
  • Instead of singing the latest radio hit, you're stuck with their tv show or favorite game's song playing on repeat in your head
  • You feel a surge of panic when you hear them wake up early from their nap or, God forbid, they start to drop their nap all together
  • You feel the need to wear body armor when changing their diaper
  • You have to pack a bag of snacks, toys, blankets, and pacifiers for just a quick trip to the grocery store
  • You find yourself praying every night for patience...and forgiveness
  • Things that were previously off-limits suddenly don't seem to be that big of a deal if it helps the whining stop
  • You don't care who's watching when there's yet another public tantrum
  • You say their name more than you say you're own
  • You say "no" more than you say their name
  • You find yourself asking other mother's "is it normal when...?"
  • You pray that they act better for the babysitter/teacher than they do for you
  • You wonder if a 2 year old has ever been kicked out of playschool
  • You're constantly amazed at the number of uses he/she can find for a stick, lid, or piece of tupperware
  • You wonder how they've made it through two days on milk and cheezits
  • You find that a bib is a complete joke
  • You realize that being this tired is a close second to having a newborn
  • You decide to put off teaching manners until you can master the more simple things such as no hitting, screaming, or hurting the family pet
And finally...
  • You realize that you'd lay down your life for this precious child and they really aren't all that bad...when they're asleep.
Do you have a 2 year old now? Or did you already survive the terrible 2s? What's your advice to us newbies? Or what would you add to this list? I'm serious here. I'm taking all the advice and war stories you care to share.
In all fairness, I have to say that I have one of the cutest 2 year olds out there and although there are days I'm convinced he was sent here to destroy me I can't imagine life without him. I guess that pretty much sums up being a mom, huh?!

A Good Recipe I Have to Share...

Cooking is not my thing right now but I have ben slowly finding more and more recipes that

1). Sound good to me right now
2).  Do not involve a lot of steps

I saw this one on Pinterest and immediately went to the store to get the ingredients.  And, survey saaaayss...it was delicious!!

avocado enchiladas

{ps..I made the non-spicy version by removing the seeds from the serano pepper and it still had a pretty good kick.  If you hate spicy or want a more kid-friendly version I would recommend using a green bell pepper instead.}

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Join Me, Won't You?

There is strength in numbers, right?  I need some serious motivation to get my baby books under control.  I am one of those moms who has kept journals for each of my kids.  I always start one as soon as I get pregnant and continue it as they grow.  I chose to do journals because I like to to write all the details to capture what I was feeling and all the aspects of their developing personalities.  I write their journals in almost a letter-form in the hopes that they will one day read them.  Maybe they will toss them and not give a flip but I will treasure them forever.

As with most things, the journals have started to go unnoticed the older my kids get.  I used to write in the journal once-a-week for my oldest son and now I am lucky if I get a chance to write in my younger son's once-a-month.  As for baby #3...I haven't even bought a journal!!  This is a habit that I really want to keep up and I need some help.  The best plan I can think of is to have a set day once a week to jot things down.  I know that sounds too frequent but I have found that if I only do it once a month I wind up forgetting things or get too busy.  Doing it weekly will allow me to just write down little chunks of information and will hopefully keep things manageable.

I am choosing Sundays as my journal days.  I will mark it on my calendar to really make it feel like an obligation and then find a chunk of time each Sunday to write down a few things.  I like to keep it pretty simple...what they are doing these days, funny things they have said, their favorite foods, and any major events that have happened (i.e. first steps, lost tooth, last day of preschool, etc.)  And just so you know, I have used the same journal for my oldest since I was pregnant and I am barely half-way through it.  I write 1-1.5 pages on average and he is 5 years-old.  That should give you an idea of how long a journal will last.

So, who is with me?!?  Let's rally and get these baby book sunder control.  Sundays it is!

ps...Once I have this little schedule under way I will be tackling the big daddy...pictures!  I get queasy just thinking about all the downloading, uploading, organizing, and ordering that it is going to require but I am determined to tackle it this summer!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OK, lets do this...

If you are a long-term reader of Momsie you already know that I suffered a miscarriage this year.  I shared with you all back in October that I was about 5 weeks along when I miscarried.  I am blessed to have 2 sons already, Oliver and Sullivan and they were a huge reason I was able to move on from that with a lot of peace and thankfulness.  I was also so touched by the loving emails and comments I got from you all.  I know that I am not the first woman to go through a miscarriage and I know there are many situations that are worse than mine.  And I realize that by already having two children I am beyond blessed.

To fill you in a little more, my miscarriage was not your typical miscarriage.  It was also not my first.  After having Oliver I got pregnant pretty quickly again but after only about 6 weeks I was rushed to the emergency room.  They discovered that I had an ectopic pregnancy which means the pregnancy attached to the inside of the fallopian tube instead of attaching to the uterus as it should.  In some cases, if it's caught in time an ectopic can be treated with medicine which disolves the pregnancy.  In my case the pregnancy had already grown enough to rupture my tube which was causing internal bleeding.  So, my tube had to be removed.  Recovering from that surgery was not awful in the physical aspect, especially since it was not as painful as a c-section but emotionally it really took some time.  It was so unexpected after having no trouble with my first pregnancy it really messed with my head.  I was anxious and sad and dying to get pregnant again.

It would take a full year and a half for me to get pregnant with Sullivan.  I started seeing a reproductive specialist at REACH and test after test would reveal that there was no real issue going on which only made me more frustrated and impatient.  Why was it so hard suddenly for me to get pregnant??  Let's just say that I was not a happy camper during these days.  After multiple procedures I finally got pregnant on my own.  No drugs, no help just a good ole fashioned natural pregnancy.  It was a shock and a huge relief.  My pregnancy with Sullivan proved to be the reward for all my trying.  It was so easy and I was so happy throughout those nine months.  Sullivan also was a dream baby so I finally felt like my luck had turned.

When we started considering trying for a third I was feeling really healthy and positive.  I had started accupuncture, had run my first 5K, was relaxed and not stressed, and open to letting things happen when they were meant to be.  So I was beyond shocked when I got pregnant on the first try.  I felt like it was so fitting and deserved after what I went through with the miscarriage and the trying with Sullivan.  Never once did I think that I was at risk for another ectopic.  Sure, they had told me your chances are raised once you have one but my remaining tube had never shown signs of damage and seriously, what were the chances that would happen to me again?!

I was at the beach when I got that positive test so I didn't have my first appointment until I got home.  Being "high risk" meant I got to see my doctor as soon as I found out which was great because every girl wants that first appointment as soon as possible!  I floated in that day without a care in the world.  I had had a really busy day and never even stopped to think about the appointment.  I knew I was really early on so I was not surprised when the ultrasound tech said she couldn't find the sac on the screen.  I had a little flutter of nerves but figured it was no big deal.  My doctor came in and his first words were, "I am worried that it is in your tube."  I sat there stunned, not knowing if I should laugh or cry.  He and I have a great humorous relationship so I seriously thought he could be joking.  I looked over at my husband, Taylor for confirmation that this was not happening and he just looked at me worried.  I don't know what was said after that because all I could focus on was not bursting into tears.

The next few days were an excruciating wait of blood tests and ultrasounds, each one in hopes that the sac would show up or the levels would indicate a normal pregnancy.  To my delight the blood work was promising.  Each day my levels were going up, something that would be unlikely with an ectopic.  I had gone back to my doctor at REACH so that I knew a specialist was monitoring me and he was really hopeful that it was not in my tube.  At the very least he would watch things closely enough that he would catch an ectopic before it ruptured my tube.  My days during that week were a haze and full of prayers.  My stomach tied itself in knots.  On Friday I had an ultrasound and the doctor thought he saw the sac!  He told me that that combined with my blood levels were a great indicator that everything was ok.  His last words to me were that he was "95% sure that the pregnancy was not in my tube."

Saturday night I woke with terrible cramping.  I knew something was wrong but the symptoms weren't like the last time so I held out hope that it was just gas or something benign.  As I got up to move from the couch to my bed I blacked out for a minute.  I came to and realized that something was terribly wrong.  I was instructed to go to the ER and by the time I got there I was telling the doctors that it was an ectopic.  I just knew.  The night was painful and scary and I can still remember the doctors face as he spoke to me before I was put to sleep.  He explained that he would do everything he could to save the tube if it was safe but that I should prepare to wake up without it.  At that point I didn't care anymore, I just wanted to be out of the pain.  When I awoke I knew it was gone so I immediately said one little prayer, "God, just give me peace of mind."  It was all I could think to ask and I repeated it every time the anxiety creeped in.  God definitely answered my prayer time and time again.

So, suddenly I was tube-less.  My chances of ever having another baby relied on in vitro fertilization.  Sure there was the option of adoption or surrogacy and both options did cross my mind.  I wondered if this all happened because I was meant to do one of those things.  I wondered if I should just leave well-enough alone and just be grateful for the two I had.  All I knew was that it was going to take time to figure out what we wanted and I was in no rush.  Suddenly the pressure of when to have a baby seemed silly and I decided that however our family came together would be fine in it's own time.  We took time to just heal and once we were ready we decided to make our first appointment to discuss how IVF would work.  We got all the information and were told that whenever we were ready we could get started.

So how do you decide you are ready for that??  We decided that we would just follow our instincts and start when it felt right.  No timeline, no pressure.  And if we changed our minds altogether that was fine too.  I have to say that even I was shocked at how quickly I was able to get to a good place with all of this.  I know that having two kids helped distract me and take away a lot of worry.  I also became so busy with new things with designPOST and Sullivan's growing high-maintenance-ness :)  Life really felt pretty good.  So when Taylor was the one to bring up the thought of getting started I was kinda surprised.  What surprised me even more was how little time it took for me to get on board.  As soon as he showed some interest I got a little excited at the thought of trying again.  Clearly the thought was also terrifying at the same time.  

I had always heard about IVF but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would go through it myself. I imagined lots of scary medicines, crazy mood swings, and of course the chance of me having a litter of babies!!  I quickly found out that some of this was true but some of it was not that bad.  Oh but the bad parts were brutal!  Stay tuned next week when I will share the fun of visiting your local fertility clinic!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Cheater Meals

Hello pretty mamas!  I figured it is high time to dust off the old keyboard and bring Momsie back to life!  I am so grateful that my sister has hung around and continued to bring a little life to the blog with her great posts but I am ready to get back to a little mommy talk myself.  I have been in a little hole other wise known as the first trimester and before that I was gong through the fertility circus so thanks for being patient and understanding.  As you mamas know, the first trimester is really LOOOONG.  Not only may you be dealing with morning sickness, fatigue, sleeplessness, growing pains, and more you are also feeling really anxious.  I feel like I held my breath until I reached the 12 week mark and got the "all clear" from my doctor.  Obviously there will be other things to worry about but being able to freely tell my news  and relax a little has really brought back some of my energy.  Strong emphasis on some.  I am still pretty freaking tired people!

But anyways I wanted to take a minute to talk about something near and dear to my heart these days....FOOD!  Oh how I love food.  Except of course around 5:00ish every day.  Uggh my "morning sickness" tends to hit around evening and the thought of cooking dinner is probably my least favorite part of the day.  I hate to figure out what to cook much less look at raw meat.  I could (and do) eat a bowl or cereal most nights but the rest of my family, not so much.  I have been scraping by and have relied on a lot of dinners I like to call "Cheater Meals."  These meals consist of at least one frozen or boxed item and although they are not the most creative or nutritious they get the job done without a lot of effort on my part.  And let's be honest, I don't only use these "Cheater Meals" during pregnancy.  I always like to have a quick and easy meal on reserve for those days that I just don't feel like being Paula Deen.

Here are some examples of my go-to cheater ingredients:

Ore-Ida Crispy Crowns:  These are in the frozen aisle and are so delicious!  They taste a lot like Chick-fil-a hasbrowns.  They work great as a side to rotisserie chicken or grilled cheese sandwiches.  We have also tossed a few on a salad or in a bowl of potato soup!

Tai Pei Spring Rolls:  Also in the frozen section, these little spring rolls are really good!  I am not a huge fan of frozen dinners but these actually come out crispy and really tasty.  They also have a dipping sauce that is yummy!

Grilled Cheese + :  The "+" means that you just take your grilled cheese up a notch.  For us this means adding swiss and cheddar, a slice of tomato or turkey, and/or some bacon.  Grill it up and serve it with Crispy Crowns :)

Picnic Platter:  Sometimes I just don't want to stand in front of a hot stove.  On these nights I just slice up all kinds of goodies and make a spread.  Sliced salami, sliced cheddar cheese, pickles, carrots, cucumbers, red peppers, crackers, pretzels, and sliced hard boiled eggs.  Everyone makes their own concoctions and eats as they please and it is always surprisingly filling.

So, that's some of the things I make when I am feeling a little less than gourmet.  Now I want to hear from you!  What are your "Cheater Meals"??  I love finding out about a frozen meal or boxed pasta that actually tastes good.  I am always looking for new things to to try from Trader Joe's.  And I love hearing new recipes that take little time and prep so please share in the comments section!

And head back tomorrow if you want to get some of the dirt on our journey to #3!  I am going to post the first of a couple of posts to get you caught up on how and why we decided to go for a third.  It's nice to be back...I've missed yall!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Calgon take me away!

Ok, that's it. No more mommy talk. I know, this is a blog for and about all things mommy-related. But I need a break! I need to think like a rational human being and not some robotic, emotional mess that just repeats herself a million times a day. I swear, most days recently have just blended right into the next one without nearly anything changing...
Wake up, wrestle Nash into the high chair, throw away his uneaten breakfast, wrestle Nash into his clothes, attempt to dress my ever expanding body, wrestle Nash into the car seat, chase Nash down at the park, have a few contractions, throw away Nash's uneaten lunch, watch the clock until nap time, thank GOD for nap time, throw away Nash's uneaten dinner, let the guilt eat me up for not being more patient today, fall asleep. And then repeat.
I know, I know. I make it sound too glamorous. But seriously, this is kind of how it feels some days! So I'm going to shut down the mommy side of my brain (which, in all honesty, is not a very sharp tool these days) and indulge in thoughts and things that are in no way related to my career choice. Care to join me?!

Angel ring
Seriously obsessed with this ring.

The perfect pink/orange color for spring. On my toes now!
"Are We There Yet"...The perfect orangey-coral for sandal weather.

$24.99 Target
I'm already fantasizing about what it will be like to have a waist and ankles again. And when I do, this will be my go-to summer outfit. And for $25 at Target...why not?!

All this Pinning is hard work, you know??

Zac Efron lizh42  Zac Efron  Zac Efron
You're welcome.

See, look how easy it is to forget for a moment that your name is "mom" and you actually have interests other than diaper changes and soothing a crying child. I firmly believe that we have to take a step back sometimes and remember who we are apart from the day-to-day routine...even if that is just a quick peak at Zac Efron.

Happy Pinning!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Timing is everything...

Well I have written this post in my head so many times.  I kept practicing exactly how I would go about this and what would be the perfect way to bring it all to a conclusion.  But after searching for the right words or format I have decided that the best way is to just come right out and share the news...


There is so much backstory to this pregnancy and although I know that everyone is not dying to know my personal life, I just feel like so much of my experience is worth sharing.  Worth it to let other girls struggling to get pregnant know that they are not the only ones.  To share my experiences: good, bad, and ugly from going to REACH (fertility specialists).  And to share a little bit more insight into the roller coaster of a year I have had and how much I learned from it.  I know I have too much to share to leave it at just this announcement so I will be posting more on my road to get here soon.  Until then I am off to eat, sleep, repeat!  Thank you all for your sweet words over the last few months!

Have a great weekend, xoxo

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In a Southern State of Mind

I've really been in the Southern spirit lately. Maybe I'm just missing my family and friends. Or maybe I'm just missing that season called "Spring" that the Northwest doesn't seem to celebrate. Whatever it is, I'm finding myself drawn to all things "Southern" and nowhere is that more evident than on my Pinterest boards. I've been pinning up a storm lately with everything from Southern foods- pimiento cheese and banana pudding. To Southern style- monograms and lady like dresses. Of course every region has their claim to fame and some are worthy of praise. But, in my humble opinion, nothing outshines that proud Southern spirit.

Good southern manners.

I'm not saying that everyone else is rude, but no one quite has the manners of someone raised in the South.

Paula Deen's Banana Pudding

It doesn't get much more Southern than Paula Deen. Her take on banana pudding leaves me speechless.

Love this for the front door

I don't know if it's a Southern thing or not, but to me a house isn't home until you've got something cute hanging on your front door. This is a simple way to decorate your door throughout the year with little changes according to the season or holiday.

Lightened up Pimiento Cheese

It really all comes down to the food, doesn't it? I've lived a lot of places and Southerners really know how to eat! This pimiento cheese recipe lightens things up and takes a little bit of the guilt out of indulging.

Reese Witherspoon

My Southern Style icon...Reese Witherspoon. The girl just gets it right all of the time!

So there's a little insight into where my head is at these days. It's like they say "You can take the girl out of the South, but you can't take the South out of the girl". And I would have to agree.

Happy Pinning!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not Just Talking the Talk

It's safe to say that I'm in full blown nesting mode. I've got 10 weeks (hopefully!) to go but you'd think that I'm due next week with the way I'm tearing through the house, crafting and decorating anything that will sit still. Although the belly is quite large at this point and I get winded simply walking down the hall, there is nothing that will come between me and my glue gun these days. Luckily for me I've got, oh, about a thousand Pins on Pinterest that I've marked for ideas and inspiration for the the new nursery and toddler room so I'm in no shortage of things to try or buy (sorry hubby!). I thought you may like to see some of what I've been working on as inspired by my dear friend, Pinterest.

Pinned Image
I love how simple this idea is for revamping a book case. In this case we have a plain, cheap book case from Target that was in desperate need of spicing up. Pinterest inspired me to use scrapbook paper to line the shelves, back, and sides. 1 trip to Michaels and $10 later...voila!

In keeping with the rustic theme of the nursery, I ventured to Home Depot and for $3 had two piece of rope cut for curtain tiebacks. I roughly knotted the ends to give it a more "finished" look and then I just twisted the ends together so that they would hold.

Pinned Image
These wooden stars actually gave me the inspiration for the nursery style. I loved the unfinished look, natural material, and neutral colors. One star is designed as a serving tray, two are the same but I turned one around, and the frame has been floating around this house forever,broken, trying to find its place (it's lightweight, hammered copper). I made them all able to hang and placed them over the crib.

Pinned Image
The new toddler room needed storage and space saving, fun ideas for my son. We found this magnetic board at Ikea for $13 and this wire magazine rack at a thrift store. We placed them below the window in his room as an inviting place to play. $20 total and floor space remains open for play- success!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
If you knew me during my first pregnancy you'll remember that I made all of the nursery bedding- skirt, bumper pad, curtains...you name it, I sewed it. This time there was NO WAY I was doing that again. The problem was, I was as uninterested this time in what was out there for bedding as I was the first go around. Luckily I found on Pinterest a simple, stylish way to make a crib skirt without using more than scissors, hemming tape, and an iron. With two cribs to cover, this was right up my alley!

There's so much more to show but I'll spare you the grand tour (at least for now). My point is that I don't just spend hours on Pinterest with nothing to show for it. I actually do put it to good use (sometimes) and here's proof of it! It's not life changing stuff or out of this world creative, but it's personal and done with care. After all, these rooms are where my heart is so why not put in a little extra thought and energy?! Have you made something special lately with the help of Pinterest? Show me what'cha got! Happy Pinning!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Recipe for Relaxation

How did we get to the end of March already?! It's my favorite month and here it is already almost over! I think this year I'm a little panicky about time passing too fast because I know what's knocking at the door...baby #2 and the reality of 2 boys under 2 years old. EEEK! Don't get me wrong, I'm over the moon with the impending arrival of my precious boy but I'm also not in denial about what a life changer it's going to be. Fortunately for me, I got to celebrate a birthday this past weekend and instead of obsessing over baby details I got to just relax and be pampered by some really fab girlfriends. I'm not sure who was more excited for brunch and spa time- the birthday girl or the other ladies who had a great reason to leave the kids with the hubbies and treat themselves to some quality girl time. Let me just paint you a little picture of what exactly I'm talking about...

Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Baked French Toast
Brunch is the most important meal of the weekend, wouldn't you say?! Especially a weekend that includes a birthday! Here is a super easy Cinnamon French Toast bake that can be made the night before and quickly cooked up the next morning.

Sunshine Dazzler  -- Great as a pitcher drink for brunch
What brunch is complete without a fresh juice drink? Sadly, mine was sans alcohol, but the "Sunshine Dazzler" has lots of other yummy ingredients that are sure to please.

Wondering how to make paper bags pretty?  Well, here are 9 ways you can embellish a paper sack and turn it into an inexpensive and quick treat bag for as a party favor or gift wrapping idea. #Bag #Craft #Favor #Gift
Maybe it's the Southerner in me, but I love a good gift bag- giving one, getting one, seeing one...whatever. They just make me smile. In mine this weekend, I got lots of good girly treats- a candle, nail polish, lip gloss, a nail file...you know, the essentials! Check out this website for lots of cute, simple ideas for making your own gift bags.

Cucumber, Lemon & Mint-infused water. I did this last weekend; I put lemons, limes, & cucumbers in the pitcher; I could not keep it filled up! It was a hit and delicious.
The only thing better than an actual spa treatment is the fruit infused water. Can I get an Amen?! That stuff is so good! My question is, why don't I ever just make it at home? It could not be easier and more refreshing on a warm day. Granted it probably tastes so good because you're in a dim room, wrapped in a robe, with nature sounds surrounding you. But still...

Pinned Image
I had the good fortune to use Molton Brown products while at the spa and, oh dear, it's good stuff. A bit on the pricey side for shower gel and lotion. But if you're looking to pamper yourself or someone else, this is a must!

So there's a little snapshot into the glorious birthday morning I got to share with some of my best girls. Honestly, we could have hit up McDonald's and the library and I would have been happy to just spend time talking (while actually finishing a sentence) and catching up (without stories that included the latest tantrum) and I would have been thrilled. But brunch and a spa day were perfectly over the top for this birthday girl. I know we aren't all lucky enough to be able to pamper and treat ourselves every day, but these little shortcuts and inspirations should help us get through until then. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pinning your way to simplicity

Oh life. It just gets me sometimes. Just when I think I've found my stride... boom! Something comes out of left field and I'm like a deer in headlights- frozen and trying to figure out what to do. Ok, this sounds a little dramatic. These are not big things (usually) that are thrown my way. But on a day when I'm feeling very hormonal, pregnant, and/or just completely off my game, that's usually when I find myself most unprepared for the unexpected. And by "unexpected" I mean, blow out diaper with no wipes, dinner nearly prepared minus that one key ingredient, or pants that I swear fit yesterday but will take an act of God to get on today. These are the little things that can just push me over the edge some days. I know, I know. These are not life changers. But tell that to the 7 months pregnant, hormonal disaster that is myself some days. Here we have people fighting a war or disease and I can't seem to handle life's curve balls. But, hey, I'm just being honest. Some days surviving 24 hours with a toddler is my own personal war. Here are some oh-so-helpful links I've found recently on Pinterest that just make it all feel a little easier.

Obviously, we know to toss it when there's an animal growing on it. But here's a quick link for those less obvious occasions.

Leg workout
Quick and simple leg work out. If finding the motivation to do it were as simple as reading the directions, I'd be all set.

healthy homemade dressings
I know, I talk about simplifying things and then I expect you to make your own dressing, right? Well, these easy recipes call for what you almost always have on hand already and it sure beats using the kids Ranch dressing on your beautiful summer salad.

First Day of School every year and then make it into a Graduation Book.
Such a cute, smart, and efficient way to create keepsakes for your kids as they grow. I struggled with a simple "first year" scrapbook, so I can imagine about how well I'll do as the kiddos grow up. But this I could do.

I hope you like these little time savers and that they'll help you out in a pinch. We're all in this thing together so why not help a mama out when you can?! And let me know if you have a time saver that you use when you're stuck. I'm always up for trying new things, especially if they get me through a rough day.

Happy Pinning!

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