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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Calgon take me away!

Ok, that's it. No more mommy talk. I know, this is a blog for and about all things mommy-related. But I need a break! I need to think like a rational human being and not some robotic, emotional mess that just repeats herself a million times a day. I swear, most days recently have just blended right into the next one without nearly anything changing...
Wake up, wrestle Nash into the high chair, throw away his uneaten breakfast, wrestle Nash into his clothes, attempt to dress my ever expanding body, wrestle Nash into the car seat, chase Nash down at the park, have a few contractions, throw away Nash's uneaten lunch, watch the clock until nap time, thank GOD for nap time, throw away Nash's uneaten dinner, let the guilt eat me up for not being more patient today, fall asleep. And then repeat.
I know, I know. I make it sound too glamorous. But seriously, this is kind of how it feels some days! So I'm going to shut down the mommy side of my brain (which, in all honesty, is not a very sharp tool these days) and indulge in thoughts and things that are in no way related to my career choice. Care to join me?!

Angel ring
Seriously obsessed with this ring.

The perfect pink/orange color for spring. On my toes now!
"Are We There Yet"...The perfect orangey-coral for sandal weather.

$24.99 Target
I'm already fantasizing about what it will be like to have a waist and ankles again. And when I do, this will be my go-to summer outfit. And for $25 at Target...why not?!

All this Pinning is hard work, you know??

Zac Efron lizh42  Zac Efron  Zac Efron
You're welcome.

See, look how easy it is to forget for a moment that your name is "mom" and you actually have interests other than diaper changes and soothing a crying child. I firmly believe that we have to take a step back sometimes and remember who we are apart from the day-to-day routine...even if that is just a quick peak at Zac Efron.

Happy Pinning!

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