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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not Just Talking the Talk

It's safe to say that I'm in full blown nesting mode. I've got 10 weeks (hopefully!) to go but you'd think that I'm due next week with the way I'm tearing through the house, crafting and decorating anything that will sit still. Although the belly is quite large at this point and I get winded simply walking down the hall, there is nothing that will come between me and my glue gun these days. Luckily for me I've got, oh, about a thousand Pins on Pinterest that I've marked for ideas and inspiration for the the new nursery and toddler room so I'm in no shortage of things to try or buy (sorry hubby!). I thought you may like to see some of what I've been working on as inspired by my dear friend, Pinterest.

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I love how simple this idea is for revamping a book case. In this case we have a plain, cheap book case from Target that was in desperate need of spicing up. Pinterest inspired me to use scrapbook paper to line the shelves, back, and sides. 1 trip to Michaels and $10 later...voila!

In keeping with the rustic theme of the nursery, I ventured to Home Depot and for $3 had two piece of rope cut for curtain tiebacks. I roughly knotted the ends to give it a more "finished" look and then I just twisted the ends together so that they would hold.

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These wooden stars actually gave me the inspiration for the nursery style. I loved the unfinished look, natural material, and neutral colors. One star is designed as a serving tray, two are the same but I turned one around, and the frame has been floating around this house forever,broken, trying to find its place (it's lightweight, hammered copper). I made them all able to hang and placed them over the crib.

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The new toddler room needed storage and space saving, fun ideas for my son. We found this magnetic board at Ikea for $13 and this wire magazine rack at a thrift store. We placed them below the window in his room as an inviting place to play. $20 total and floor space remains open for play- success!

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If you knew me during my first pregnancy you'll remember that I made all of the nursery bedding- skirt, bumper pad, curtains...you name it, I sewed it. This time there was NO WAY I was doing that again. The problem was, I was as uninterested this time in what was out there for bedding as I was the first go around. Luckily I found on Pinterest a simple, stylish way to make a crib skirt without using more than scissors, hemming tape, and an iron. With two cribs to cover, this was right up my alley!

There's so much more to show but I'll spare you the grand tour (at least for now). My point is that I don't just spend hours on Pinterest with nothing to show for it. I actually do put it to good use (sometimes) and here's proof of it! It's not life changing stuff or out of this world creative, but it's personal and done with care. After all, these rooms are where my heart is so why not put in a little extra thought and energy?! Have you made something special lately with the help of Pinterest? Show me what'cha got! Happy Pinning!

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