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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pinning your way to simplicity

Oh life. It just gets me sometimes. Just when I think I've found my stride... boom! Something comes out of left field and I'm like a deer in headlights- frozen and trying to figure out what to do. Ok, this sounds a little dramatic. These are not big things (usually) that are thrown my way. But on a day when I'm feeling very hormonal, pregnant, and/or just completely off my game, that's usually when I find myself most unprepared for the unexpected. And by "unexpected" I mean, blow out diaper with no wipes, dinner nearly prepared minus that one key ingredient, or pants that I swear fit yesterday but will take an act of God to get on today. These are the little things that can just push me over the edge some days. I know, I know. These are not life changers. But tell that to the 7 months pregnant, hormonal disaster that is myself some days. Here we have people fighting a war or disease and I can't seem to handle life's curve balls. But, hey, I'm just being honest. Some days surviving 24 hours with a toddler is my own personal war. Here are some oh-so-helpful links I've found recently on Pinterest that just make it all feel a little easier.

Obviously, we know to toss it when there's an animal growing on it. But here's a quick link for those less obvious occasions.

Leg workout
Quick and simple leg work out. If finding the motivation to do it were as simple as reading the directions, I'd be all set.

healthy homemade dressings
I know, I talk about simplifying things and then I expect you to make your own dressing, right? Well, these easy recipes call for what you almost always have on hand already and it sure beats using the kids Ranch dressing on your beautiful summer salad.

First Day of School every year and then make it into a Graduation Book.
Such a cute, smart, and efficient way to create keepsakes for your kids as they grow. I struggled with a simple "first year" scrapbook, so I can imagine about how well I'll do as the kiddos grow up. But this I could do.

I hope you like these little time savers and that they'll help you out in a pinch. We're all in this thing together so why not help a mama out when you can?! And let me know if you have a time saver that you use when you're stuck. I'm always up for trying new things, especially if they get me through a rough day.

Happy Pinning!

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