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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Join Me, Won't You?

There is strength in numbers, right?  I need some serious motivation to get my baby books under control.  I am one of those moms who has kept journals for each of my kids.  I always start one as soon as I get pregnant and continue it as they grow.  I chose to do journals because I like to to write all the details to capture what I was feeling and all the aspects of their developing personalities.  I write their journals in almost a letter-form in the hopes that they will one day read them.  Maybe they will toss them and not give a flip but I will treasure them forever.

As with most things, the journals have started to go unnoticed the older my kids get.  I used to write in the journal once-a-week for my oldest son and now I am lucky if I get a chance to write in my younger son's once-a-month.  As for baby #3...I haven't even bought a journal!!  This is a habit that I really want to keep up and I need some help.  The best plan I can think of is to have a set day once a week to jot things down.  I know that sounds too frequent but I have found that if I only do it once a month I wind up forgetting things or get too busy.  Doing it weekly will allow me to just write down little chunks of information and will hopefully keep things manageable.

I am choosing Sundays as my journal days.  I will mark it on my calendar to really make it feel like an obligation and then find a chunk of time each Sunday to write down a few things.  I like to keep it pretty simple...what they are doing these days, funny things they have said, their favorite foods, and any major events that have happened (i.e. first steps, lost tooth, last day of preschool, etc.)  And just so you know, I have used the same journal for my oldest since I was pregnant and I am barely half-way through it.  I write 1-1.5 pages on average and he is 5 years-old.  That should give you an idea of how long a journal will last.

So, who is with me?!?  Let's rally and get these baby book sunder control.  Sundays it is!

ps...Once I have this little schedule under way I will be tackling the big daddy...pictures!  I get queasy just thinking about all the downloading, uploading, organizing, and ordering that it is going to require but I am determined to tackle it this summer!

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