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Monday, December 5, 2011

Popular Post from 2011 (#1)...

This post reminds me that I do NOT want it to snow this year!  It also proves that God graciously helps mothers forget the not-so-great memories because I had completely forgotten about this whole story.  That, my friends is why women decide to have more children...this wonderful amnesia!  Originally posted in January 2011.

Because of the snow my husband had off work.  That gave us time to sit down and devise a budget.  In doing so we found that we could save a little on some of our bills.  Because of that I called our phone service and requested a new bundling package.  Because of that I received a huge box in the mail with instructions for activating a new phone line.  Since technology is the devil I ended up with a pile of cords, a non-working phone, and the urge to kick something.  That was even after a repairman stopped by.

Because of the snow I have been stuck inside.  Without a phone.  Because of the snow my older son has also been home all week going stir crazy.  Because of the snow I wasn't able to go buy diapers when I saw the stash getting low.  

Because of that I opted to use a diaper I had on hand that is two sizes too big.  What's the  worst that can happen?  Because of that decision I came into my son's room after nap time to a disaster of epic proportions.  Without being too graphic lets just say it appeared that nature called...all over his crib.  Because of a too-big diaper my son was standing up with a diaper half-off in a crib that I am considering taking to the city dump.  Because of my son's tendency to walk around all four sides of his crib and touch every spindle, I have just spent the last 30 minutes scrubbing every inch of his white crib.  All of this while my other son walked around asking for a snack (seriously, who can have an appetite after seeing that!?) and singing 'doo doo every where."  And, it was truly, everywhere.  Note to self: Activia yogurt is not a good snack for 12 month olds.  

Because of the events that have occurred here in the last hour I am seriously considering going back to work full-time.  I am angry at the snow.  I am grossed out by what I swear I can still smell on my hands.  I am amazed by what being a mom entails.

On the bright side I have fully Lysoled, dusted, and mopped one room in this house!  I also have one child bathed!  Because of today I am treating myself to a glass of wine before 5:00.

Please tell me you all have had a day like this before?!

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