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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Popular Posts from 2011 (#4)...

I can already think of more things to add to this list just since turning 32 in June.  I mean, just today I discussed the importance of comfortable flats on the playground with some other moms!  O-L-D.

I'm pretty sure I have motherhood to thank for most of these...

1.  I don't like the radio turned up too loud in the car.
2.  I have seen some shoes in the window of Rockport and actually considered going in to try them on.
3.  On the same note I have complimented a girl's shoes only to find out they were from Easy Spirit.  Dead serious.  
4.  I look for the "heart healthy" symbol on food when grocery shopping.
5.  Not even for fashion's sake will I go back to low-rise jeans.
6.  I don't like to drive at night.
7.  I always have tissues in my purse.
8.  I turn the channel if the language or violence is too graphic. (Even when the kids aren't in the room)
9.  I watch Oprah every day.  Not just the days that a celebrity or make-over is on.
10.  Nothing could come between me and my robe and slippers.  (pretty soon I will be calling it my housecoat!)
11.  Part of my big summer plans include tending my vegetable garden.
12.  I can't drink caffeine after noon.
13.  I know several recipes by memory and I am not afraid of a crock pot.
14.  I think it is foolish to go out without a good SPF.
15.  The last time I was at a bar I ended up helping a drunk girl clean a spilled drink out of her purse because I looked at her like "someone's little girl."  And I said a little prayer that she would get home safely and without alcohol poisoning.   

Geesh, next stop...readers with a cute neck strap and black Reeboks!!  Anyone else turning into their grandmother?!  If so, leave me a comment to make me feel better!

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