***If you have made your way back to Momsie, I am so glad you found us! We had some technical issues with the domain name so make note of the new web address. Another good reason to "follow" us and "like" us on Facebook so you can stay in the know!! Pass the word to people still searching for Momsie!***

Monday, December 5, 2011

Technical Issues...

As you probably noticed when you came to Momsie today, the domain name has changed.  I have told yall before- I hate technology but I am willing to endure it to keep this little blog chugging along.  Apparently on that 1-year anniversary I also needed to renew my domain name "momsie charlotte" but when I went to do it the name was taken!  Seriously, who else needed the name momsie charlotte?!  So I decided to just go back to the original name which adds the "blogspot" portion.  So take note if you have us bookmarked, the new site is:

Maybe in the future I will buy my old domain name back to eliminate the blogspot part but either way things should work fine now and get you to the blog!  Technology...bleh.

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