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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mom Questionnaire: Emily

Enjoy Emily's answers (and humor!) and if you would like to share your answers just click, here for the questionnaire!

Name:    Emily                                Age (optional):         34                Number of kids: 1 and one on the way (Dec)

What was the biggest surprise to you after having a child(ren)?

         Carrying a baby for 40 weeks is no joke, but even once they’re out, becoming a human cow really takes a minute to get used to. So no surprise that sharing your body with a baby is a unique and beautiful thing…but it’s also ridiculously hard, tiring, and sometimes humiliating (first weeks of using a breast pump being particularly so).

What would you say has been your worst parenting moment?                            Saying ‘F&*%’ when a plate fell and my 2 year old repeating it. Or when I served him watermelon and cheese for dinner. Cursing vs. nutrition, it’s a toss up.

Your best?                                                                                                             Too many to choose from, really…Colin climbing up on a chair to kiss my neck and giggling; having tickle fights and hearing the sweetest boy in the world laugh with abandon, making me do the same; being so proud when he pooped in the potty for the first time; watching him discover new things everyday and experiencing the joy of what we usually take for granted (e.g., an ant crawling on a flower elicits a ‘wow’ everytime; all trucks are super exciting; farts are hilarious).

Best parenting advice you have ever received?                                              When I was pregnant, someone said that after the baby’s born I would feel every emotion (from the very good to the very bad) everyday and that these swings would repeat several times a day. Well yes, yes they did. (And that’s normal.)

What has changed the most about your personal style since having kids?
Pants with a zipper would seem like high fashion these days.  (I'm pregnant, to be fair, but what's my excuse before I was knocked up?)
What is your day-to-day beauty regimen?                                                       Shower at night, hat in the morning.

What is your favorite beauty product and why?                                                Burts Bees lip balm. Not sure it’s a ‘beauty product’ per se, but it’s a staple.

If you could have back one luxury from your pre-kids days what would it be? Just one? No dice, I need at least two – money and time.

What is your favorite kid-friendly activity to do with your kids?                    Playing outside, preferably with other moms and kids. Morning play dates are nice, with coffee.

Your favorite thing about raising kids in Charlotte (or whatever city in which you live)? Plaza Midwood has the coolest moms/kids!

What word do you use way too much on any given day?                                  ‘No.’ Feel like I’m always saying that to my two-year old. And ‘listen to your momma’ and ‘do you need to go potty?’

Celebrity mom you can most see yourself hanging out with?                            I’ve not been feeling particularly Hollywood lately so not sure on this one.  

If you could have one super power that would help you be an even better mom what would it be? Never being tired.

Favorite part of being a mom? Unconditional love and knowing your priorities at all times (i.e., your kid/s).

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