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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September = Serious...

Serious fun that is.   First, let me start with a big thank you to all of you loyal Momsie readers!  Thank you for understanding that my summer is like all of your's...crazy but relaxing, too long but too short, busy but lazy.  I am sure that was reflected on this blog.  Not only did I take a more relaxed approach this summer, it seemed everyone else did as well so posts may have been more sporadic and the giveaways all but dried up.  Luckily (luckily?) the school year is back in full swing, even for us moms of preschoolers and I am ready to get back to business!

Fall is going to be full of great things and I can't wait!  I have lots of great events to tell you about, things to give you FOR FREE(like the giveaway announced yesterday!), a snazzy calendar I promised long ago (now under the "things to do" tab), and much much more!  I also have opportunities for any moms who want to be a part of things at Momsie (more on that later).  I know you are all sad to see the end of beach trips and pool days for awhile but it will be nice to have a routine back and who isn't excited to pull out their fall boots and sweaters?!

So first order of business is to tidy up the blog.  I like order and if I can't create it in my home I am at least going to do it here.  So, when you stop in throughout the week, which I hope is often, here is the layout of our weekly posts:

Monday: well-being
{tips to help you create a better life}

guest blogger: Lauren Alexander
{Lauren will continue to dole out advice.  This month's topic...cooking, recipes, and tips for the kitchen!}
special events
{in addition to the permanent monthly calendar which features re-occurring local events, I will let you know the scoop on special events in and around Charlotte}

guest blogger: Adrienne Patterson
{Adrienne will continue to entertain with stories from the homeschool front but will also be on hand for advice on a variety of topics...stay tuned!}
{make sure to always check in on Wednesdays for a chance to win some fabulous prizes.  I am always on the hunt for local goodies so contact me if you would like to offer anything up to our momsie readers!}

local businesses
{to make sure you are always in the know about our city, I will be bringing you news on great local businesses and people.  Whether it's for a product review or just to let you know about a great new place to go with the kids, I will give you all the inside scoop.  If you are a local business looking to reach momsie readers please contact me!  If you are a momsie reader who knows about a great spot, share the love!}
momsie questionnaire
{I love hearing from all of you so the mom questionnaire will live on for awhile.  Please give us a peek into your life for just a day by completing the questionnaire, here!}
{as always momsie will try to throw in a little style here and there.  Check in Thursdays for news from all around on the latest style news for you and your babies}

{for your entertainment...whatever strikes my fancy to take you into the weekend with a smile}
5 Things
{a weekly round up of 5 things that highlight all Charlotte has to offer.  Maybe it's a great park or restaurant.  Maybe it's a new boutique or museum.  Whatever it is, it makes Charlotte unique and a great city in which to live.}

So be sure to check in each week to read about all the great stuff we have going on.  There will be lots more involvement from our readers and plenty of fun to go around.  As always we are open to suggestions, tweaks, and (constructive) criticism so feel free to contact us!

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