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Monday, February 20, 2012

New Ingredients::New Recipe - Chicken Meatballs...

Okay, so it is time for a new series here on the ole blog.  If you follow Momsie on Facebook then you know I have been bragging about trying some new ingredients and I promised to share my new recipes here.  We talk a lot about how to get your kids to eat a variety of things but how many of you are trying new things??  I don't try new things very often.  Maybe at a restaurant but rarely at home.

Luckily Oprah has pulled me out of my rut!  The March issue of O arrived and it is full of new tasty recipes.  O readers submitted their go-to recipes and I can tell you they are all very different from my go-to recipes (no spaghetti or chicken pot pie!!).  I decided to start with this meatball recipe:

{I chose the chicken meatball}
*I left out the fennel seed

I love any type of vinaigrette and I have never tried making my own with apple cider.  The verdict...this dish was delicious!  I made it for my hubby for Valentine's Day and he loved it.  The meatballs are filling enough for a man's meal but leave you feeling much lighter than a traditional meatball and marinara version.  Arugula is also not an ingredient that I use often and it was a great addition to the meal.  It had a great peppery taste to go with the sweet apple slices.

As for the verdict with my kids...they didn't eat this meal with us.  Since it was Valentine's Day we fed them ahead of time so we could eat in peace.  I think that most kids would go for it though because the meatballs do not have any overwhelming flavors and the apples and vinaigrette have a great sweet flavor.  And we all know kids like sweet!

So there you go....a new recipe and some new ingredients.  Check in Wednesday for a recipe that uses the leftover meatballs from this meal!! (Set aside 3-4 meatballs in the fridge).

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