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Monday, February 6, 2012

Easy Upgrades to You and Your Kid's DIets...

I will NEVER (ever, ever, ever) claim to be knowledgeable when it comes to eating healthy.  Let's face it, I think I think I am doing good if I eat one piece of fruit a week.  But I know that taking baby steps can help you get on a better track and that's what I have been trying to do around here.  People often tell me that because I am small I do not need to even worry about that but like tell those people, "Small does not equal in shape!"  I really want to try to eat better this year, especially since I want my kids to eat better too.  With all the craziness that motherhood entails it can be hard to find time to learn about new healthy snacks and better recipes.  I try to take in information in little bits whenever I can.  Here are some tidbits I have picked up lately.  And please remember I am NO expert and these are just some things I am doing in my house....

1.  I am always afraid to switch to the  fat free, reduced fat or sugar free varieties because I don't want the food I am used to to taste any different.  But lately I have tried a couple of our go-to snacks in the healthier version and they really aren't that bad.  Most of them actually taste better.  One example where my kids have not even noticed the difference are the Chewy Granola bars.  I now buy the 25% less sugar kind and they like them better.  I have also implemented greek yogurt instead of Trix yogurt and they love it.  Who knew?

2.  I am trying to cook new things so I don't feel like a complete hypocrite when I tell my kids they should enjoy trying new things.  This past week I cooked brussels sprouts and...I liked them!  Here is a yummy recipe:  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/roasted-brussels-sprouts-recipe2/index.html

3.  Let kids be a part of making their meals and I swear the food tastes better to them.  I know that this can be hard with younger ones but it's worth a shot.  One small thing I have been doing is cutting up several different kinds of fruits or veggies and placing them in divided tupperware containers.  I lay the container on the counter and let both of my boys pull up a stool to choose what they would like.  The only rule is they have to try every variety but they get to decided how much of each to put on their plates.  So far this is working like a charm.

So what are you doing to eat healthier in your homes?

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