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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Pin-tastic Good Time

Pinterest is a lot of things to me- source of inspiration for crafts, handy ways to re-use things, great recipes, and a damn good laugh sometimes. Some of the stuff these people post is a serious joke (or at least I'm hoping it is). I'm all for trying new things, adopting new ideas, and stepping outside of my comfort zone. But a line has to be drawn somewhere!

As I wade through the home decor I'm constantly reminded just how different all of our decorating (and I use that term loosely here) styles are. And by different I mean there are some serious weirdos out there.

Where someone may find this "so darn cute!"         
a little creepy
I'm left wondering how you even begin thinking about where you would put this in your house.

And then you've got the "creative" type who thinks, "how cool would it be to put a bed in the middle of an indoor pool?!"
my pool bedroom for swimm ing then a rest.
And I'm left thinking that I sincerely hope you're not a sleepwalker.
Then you've got the personal photos. I'm not sure why these belong on Pinterest in the first place. Is a stranger really going to repin your family reunion photo? Would you want them to?!
Here you've got dear grandma with her new grandson. Awww...how weird.
My mother and my newest nephew
She looks less than pleased to be holding him and I'm less than pleased to see it taking up valuable Pinterest space.
Some of the finest of the less-than-fine can be found in the DIY section. Some of it is creative uses for everyday things or great ideas for organization. But then you've got the person who's entire being is handmade. I mean, they can fashion a TV from some aluminum foil and a baking sheet, can dress their child for under $10 a year, and still have time to grow all their own food.

Not only that but they have time for these precious hats.
kids beanie with a beard attached :)
Just what every little boy dreams of wearing at the bus stop. As if growing up isn't hard enough?!
Not to worry though. If he doesn't like his crocheted hat/beard combo, he's sure to love bringing his homemade pizza sleeping bag to the next sleepover. No one will make fun of that.
Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag
And then there's my personal favorite section- Food and Drink. This pregnant lady can't get enough of all the yummy recipes- I could nearly eat some of the pictures some days. I have, in fact, tried many of the recipes on these pages and to much success!

But then there's this...the "quilted cookie tutorial".
Quilted Cookie Tutorial
 8 steps to just the icing on top? Are you messing with me? Who in the world has time for this?! I declare success if I simply cut the cookies from the frozen dough. And you expect me to take 8 steps to ice a single cookie? Ok, sure, whatever.
Like I said, Pinterest is many things to many people. And for me, on most days, it's a seriously good laugh. Happy Pinning!

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