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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adrienne Patterson: 3 Minutes Inside the Head of a Mom...

Loved the post last week titled “3 Minutes Inside the Head of My 2 Year Old” so I am following it up today with my own post titled “3 Minutes Inside the Head of a Mom” enjoy….

  1. I have 10 more minutes until the alarm goes off why are you in my room?
  2. Get up, get up, get up…these 5 extra minutes of sleep are going to throw off the whole morning routine
  3. COFFEE NOW!!!
  4. How many days in a row have they eaten pop tarts??  Can’t remember so must not be too many,  breakfast done!
  5. I hate packing lunches!!!
  6. Is coffee done yet??
  7. Let cat in
  8. Feed cat
  9. Time to wake kids, let them wake up happy please
  10. They are so sweet when they are sleeping 
  11. Where are her favorite jeans?
  12. Did I bring the laundry upstairs? Ugh, it’s all still in the dryer
  13. I wish I had a maid to do laundry
  14. Please just pick out something that is clean and somewhat matches
  15. Wow, that outfit is ugly but no energy this early to argue
  16. For the love of all things good, please eat quickly and don’t spill your milk on your outfit making it not only ugly but stained
  17. Did we do homework last night?
  18. Book bags? Check. Lunchbox? Check Coats on? Check
  19. Crap, forgot to brush hair and teeth (mine and theirs) and we need to leave NOW!!!
  20. Why do I always need gas??
  21. I hope they don’t ask me to get out in carline I’m still in PJ’s and I pray my sunglasses are in my purse b/c I look awful!
  22. I am getting old…look at the bags under my eyes and the sunspots
  23. This summer it is all hats and 70+ sunscreen, got to stop this aging process.
  24. OMG, summer is going to be here, I have got to get to the gym b/c the baby is now 4 and I really can’t blame her for the muffin top anymore
  25.  Whew, kids made it on time…I hope they know I love them, I should be more patient!
  26. Please Lord don’t let them tell the teacher I am impatient and that I yell!!
  27. Need to shower, clean kitchen, fold laundry (or at least get it upstairs) think about dinner….ugh, by the time I finish that the kids will be home.
  28. Why am I checking FB when I have so much to do??
  29. I need a maid!
  30. I need to quit FB! 
  31. Why can’t my kids put stuff in the dirty clothes?
  32. Why can’t my husband put stuff in the dirty clothes?
  33. Ugh, huge pile of laundry and I haven’t even put away all the laundry I washed yesterday!
  34. What day is it?
  35. I feel like I am forgetting something?
  36. I miss my mind

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