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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Repurposed Driven Life

 I find that I look at things differently these days. No, not just in the "I can't buy that because Nash will break it" sense. But in a way that lets me see the different ways everyday things can be repurposed. This is of particular interest to me on Pinterest because people on there have repurposed nearly everything but the toilet paper. Actually, I did see how you could use a toilet paper roll for a plant stand, but I'm not going to go there. It's more of the obvious things that people have found to repurpose that I find myself saying "Why didn't I think of that?!". Here are some of my favorite ideas that involve using a simple ingredient, tool, or object and repurposing it to fit your needs!

Cute idea using sweethearts as vase filler
Sweetheart candies as a vase filler for Valentine's Day. Cheap, easy, and colorful!

Love this idea for fruit/veggie storage!
Wall mounted wire magazine racks double as a fruit and veggie holder. If you're anything like me and forget you have certain fruits and veggies on hand, this will help you use them up before they go bad.

Freeze green grapes to keep white wine cold and to make a pretty presentation for guests
Freeze green or red grapes, depending on the wine, to use as decorative and tastey wine chillers. Love this!

Much better than throwing them all under the sink!
I mean, how simple is this?! Repurpose an over the door, clear shoe holder into a cleaning organizer. It makes everything easy to see and reach and frees up much needed cabinet space. Done!

Ikea $4 spice rack
$4 Ikea spice racks become wall mounted book shelves! You could easily paint them to really "spice" them up- pun most certainly intended.

I could easily go on and on with these. Pinterest is a gold mine of repurposing ideas. Everyone's looking for an easy, inexpensive, creative way to make their house a home and I hope some of these ideas work for you! Happy pinning!

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