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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pinterest to the rescue!

Have you ever been to Seattle? Have you ever been to Seattle in January? Well, let me paint a picture for you. Gray. Yep, that's the whole picture. Just a bunch of gray. The sun stays hidden as does your motivation to do anything productive. Ask me why I'm not sad about it though. My answer- PINTEREST! Yes, as each gray, depressing day passes I'm all warm and sunny on the inside because I've got my happy pill that is Pinterest. Raining? No problem! I'll check out some new hairstyles. Overcast? Ok! I'll just look at the crafts. Neither cold nor darkness shall dampen my mood when Pinterest is there to save me.

Check out what's keeping me all warm and fuzzy this week...

I want to go somewhere where this is all I have to pack.

No really, I would.
Shoe boxes
Cover shoebox tops and bottoms with fabric! A great, inexpensive way to liven up your walls.
Essie Marshmallow- The perfect winter white.
Essie Marshmallow- a great transition color from Winter to Spring.
Pinned Image
Honey Mustard Chicken- an easy way to dress up plain ol' chicken breasts. Plus, it's from Weight Watchers so you can stay on track with your New Year's resolution!

If it's sunny where you are, then I hate you. If not, I hope this post helped with your seasonal depression as it has with mine. Happy pinning!

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