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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pinterest with a purpose

I'm not sure if I've made it "Momsie Official" yet but we're expecting baby boy #2 in June of this year! Yea! We're so excited for Nash to have a brother and that they'll be close enough in age to (hopefully) be best buds and (most likely) team up on Todd and I when they're older. While there were times in the first trimester I thought I may have made a mistake getting pregnant while my firstborn was barely walking. I'm really questioning it now that he's throwing tantrums and learned to hit me. No really, did we think this through very well? Seriously though, we're so excited to have the little one join us in the summer (and NO SOONER!). In the meantime I'm busy planning/nesting/obsessing over how I will create nursery #2 and a big boy room for a boy who's not really "big" just yet. The first time around I had to surf the web and read magazines looking for nursery inspiration- how 2010 is that?! Luckily, this time around I've got Pinterest to make it a one-stop-shop experience. While I won't bore you with the hundreds of pins I have that are inspiring the soon-to-be redesigned rooms. I will share with you a few along with some of my other favorite pins of the week. Enjoy!
This is pretty much the inspiration for the nursery- a simple, rustic vibe.

half door for kids room.. genius
This isn't really possible for us while we're renting. But how genius is this "half door" concept for a toddler room?!

love the tie hem
Ok, onto the important stuff...like clothes! I'm in love with this drapey, tie hem top. Love the color, fabric, details, all of it. The best part? It's from Old Navy and it's $30!

wallpaper the inside of a bookshelf
This is a super easy way to spice up a plain white bookshelf. I'm currently doing this using scrapbook paper but you could use wallpaper, paint, or fabric. Just line the back, sides, and/or shelves and say goodbye to your boring bookshelf!

Sad but true
Zero relevance to anything above but it cracks me up...because it's true!

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? Are you using it to fuel any projects at home? Share with us your inspiration and Pinterest finds! Us addicts have to stick together, you know?! Happy Pinning!

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