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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adrienne Patterson: The Good, The Bad, & The Wonderful of Getting Older...

Happy New Year!!!  So after a pretty exhausting end of 2011 I have begun 2012 at a much slower pace and am very much enjoying this slow start to the year.  I have even made time to laugh at myself as it seems that everywhere I turn lately I am reminded of the fact that another New Year means another year on my birthday calendar.  I am not claiming to be old by any stretch but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t daily reminders that I’m getting older….   

Planning my oldest daughter’s birthday party and there is mention of having it at a new indoor water facility.  Sounds super fun, cost isn’t awful and she is pumped then I consider wearing a bathing suit in February and quickly that plan is nixed.  Wearing a suit when I am actually tan is becoming more of a challenge each year but take away the tan and this is just an absolute no go.  (FYI…we will be doing a “Decorate Your Own Donuts party at Dunkin Donuts.  I am much more comfortable eating donuts, super!) 

I got an email from the family I nannied for in college sharing the news that my former little charge has been accepted into several colleges.  WHAT??!!  She was 5 months old when I started that job and college certainly can’t have been that long ago! 

I no longer set New Year’s resolutions b/c I am older and I have figured out that they are only made to be broken.  Part 2, the one semi resolution I did make was to eat some organic high fiber oatmeal so that I could possibly go to the bathroom on a regular basis.  Seriously, if that isn’t a sign you are aging I don’t know what is!!   

I now regularly depend on my children to remember where we parked at the grocery store 

A good old multi vitamin no longer seems like enough, now I find myself perusing supplements for sharpening your brain/memory (see #4), digestive health (see #3) and energy. 

My kids ask me how old I was or where I was during historical events (i.e September 11th).   

I honestly had a conversation with my high school BFF about bladder tacking.  (For the record it was for her). 

Then again there are plenty of reasons I am glad to getting older….. 

I don’t have to force myself to wear uncomfortably high heels that make it impossible to bend over in a micro mini skirt.  (You know these girls dream of the day that black yoga pants and a tee shirt aren’t just acceptable but kind of cute) 

I don’t have to join a dating website to find a man!  I am more thankful than ever to be happily married….to have to date in this day and age seems horrifying! 

I can sport a muffin top and it’s okay b/c I have three beautiful kids that put it there.  

I can unabashedly admire a minivan and all it’s bells and whistles…I am a mom and it’s all about being practical! 

My Friday and Saturday nights are all about Dateline, 20/20 and 48 Hours  

A night out with the girls involves ice cream and good conversation…. 

I am not worried about being cool or getting embarrassed.  How can I be when my 3 year old is pooping in the Target restroom and loudly giving a blow by blow concluding with the declaration that her poop looks like playdough.   

My husband is going gray, his belly is a bit flabby and he has begun to snore yet I love him more than I did when I thought he was “hot” and stalked him in a bar!  Thank goodness for realizing that true beauty is on the inside… 

I can hang with my man in no make-up, my favorite ratty pj’s, pig out on a big bowl of ice cream and suffer diarrhea after b/c I can no longer tolerate dairy as I did in my younger days and he loves me still!!

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  1. I love you Adrienne! You make me laugh and smile!,:)


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