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Thursday, December 30, 2010

FREE Chick Fil A

If I have not told yall yet I have a serious love for Chick Fil A.  The older I get the more I am repulsed by eating fast food.  I hate the way the places usually smell, the people working there are not always very friendly, and the food itself is usually fast and cheap but gross.
Chick Fil A has, hands-down the best food of any fast food chain and that alone would be enough for me to go there but they also have great customer service.  I am a sucker for good manners so I love that they always say "my pleasure" and they act like it really is their pleasure!!  Whatever the training process entails there, they need to implement it at every business across America!  If you have been there with kids you know what I am talking about because most likely someone has carried your tray and refilled your drinks.  At least I hope that is a nice gesture they do for everyone and not just me because I look that frazzled!

Right now my beloved Chick Fil A is offering to feed you for free!  They are introducing the Spicy Chicken Biscuit and they want you to try one on them!  All you do is go to this site and reserve yours now.  You can pick the location and time most convenient to you between Jan 3-8.  Go get your free breakfast and the kids some chicken minis and let someone carry your tray to the table for you...you will feel like a million bucks starting your day this way!

(Funny side note: my husband received a pair of pajamas from the Chick Fil A founder as a baby because my father-in-law worked for him.  I have them in a drawer right here!

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