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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monkey Joe's Grand Opening!!

Add this to your list of things to do this weekend:  Monkey Joe's Park Rd. location is opening this Friday, Dec 17th!  I have been literally stalking their building waiting for any sign of an opening since it is so close to us.  Driving to the Independence or Pineville locations was not very convenient so I was thrilled to see that we were getting one in our neck of the woods.  I guess they finally felt bad for that creepy lady doing drive-by's everyday because I received an email this morning from them letting me know the following about their pricing (cheaper than the other locations!!) and hours:

Mon-Thur are 9:00-7:00, Fri & Sat 9:00-8:00, and Sun 10:00-6:00

Mon-Fri for children ages 3-12 is $6.99, Sat & Sun cost is $8.99, children 2 and under are $3.99 and adults are always free!  


  1. Stalker....:). Clearly all of us have been anticipating this opening because we are all going crazy with all this cold weather and no places to go! Can't wait to plan a trip!

  2. Yep! We are going to be spending many days there!


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