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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hot Mamas

This one is just for the baby mommas.  Hopefully all of you are heading to some kind of adults-only party over the next couple of weeks.  Be it a holiday party at a friend's or a night out for New Years you need to pamper yourself a little bit.  Change out of your stained T-shirt and yoga pants, forget about a ponytail, and remind your husband how hot you really are!  Heck, remind yourself!  Most days I feel good if I have just dried my hair and brushed my teeth so every once in awhile I need to get out and remember that I am more than just a mom.  There is no better treat than having someone else do your hair.  Imagine this:  You relax with a glass of wine while a professional massages your scalp, washes, dries, and styles your hair.  Then you walk out beautified shaking your hair back and forth like a shampoo commercial!  That little fantasy can be yours at Plush Salon.

As soon as you walk in Plush you feel like you are in one of your girlfriend's houses.  The atmosphere is girlie and relaxed thanks to the chandeliers and cool decor.  Not to mention the super friendly staff.  You can make an appointment for a wash and style, cut, color, whatever your little heart desires.  I have personally seen Tatum (owner/stylist) many times and I can't rave about her enough.  I first met her when she did my hair for a wedding.  We all know how those situations can go and it usually ain't pretty but I loved my hair so much that day that I immediately made follow up appointments.  She has since cut, colored, and styled my hair and every time I love the experience almost as much as I love my hair.  The rest of the staff is just as great too!  Plush is conveniently located in Myers Park and they still have appointments available!  Oh and by the way if my description has made them sound out of your price range, think again!  Call today for prices and your little piece of heaven...let them know Momsie sent you!

Now, that we have your hair taken care of we need to make sure the rest of you matches.  You can't be out with movie star hair and housewife attire.  Although there are some great stores around Charlotte with dresses, I am a fan of the website Rent The Runway.  If you haven't discovered this site, you are about to experience Christmas early!  RTR carries dresses and accessories from every well-known designer you can think of and they rent them out for 90% off the retail prices.  You go through the site, choose the perfect dress, and then have it shipped to you for either 4 or 8 days.  You can search through dresses by your event date, dress size, color preference, etc. and the dress can be delivered as soon as the next day.  Then after you wear it you ship it back (for free).  Simple as pie!!  You can find a huge variety of dresses for a rental fee of only $50!  I checked today and there are still hundreds of dresses available as soon as this Thursday.  If its a super special ocassion that you are shopping for than you may want to invest in a dress that you can own forever but if you are looking for something fun and that retails for waaaay more than you would ever really spend this place is for you!

**After you are done getting pretty at Plush head down a block to Reid's Fine Foods at their new location on Selwyn Ave.  They are planning a major renovation of the current space so they can re-open in the Spring with many more offerings but right now they are open for business, focusing on gourmet gift baskets.  Stop in and pick up a customized or pre-made basket for the host of your party!

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