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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Lets face it, for kids December is all about the gifts!  That means that for us parents December is all about the hunt; where to find the coolest gifts that your kids will actually play with for more than 5 minutes.  I have two kids both with birthdays in December so finding gifts especially affordable ones is crucial!  (That and not getting pregnant again in the month of March!)

I scoped out some places in Charlotte to see what kind of kiddie goodies they had and I found some great stuff!  My first stop was Paper Skyscraper, one of my favorite stores in our town.  I could spend hours there reading funny cards and I always love their purses and jewelry.  However, I have never thought about shopping for my kids there until this year.   Here are some of the things you will love in their store right now (there are tons more games, books, stuffed animals, and quirky clothing and accessories):

Boat shoe socks, $15
Kringle Kozies slipper socks, $10
  Two's Zoo slipper socks, $10
 * Sugar Booger Lunch Sacks, $16 (with and without straps)
*(We own one of these and they are so cute and durable.
 Such a nice change from the typical lunch boxes you see everywhere!)

You know I went to Home goods (see: Got em, Flaunt em post) and they delivered as usual.  I actually bought several of the things listed below:

For the future chefs, environmentalists, and adventurous eaters!  Let your kids whip up a make-believe meal.  Or get them prepped for your next dinner at PF Changs with the kid-friendly chopsticks:
enamel cookware set, $15
Sigg drink bottles, $8/ea.
Chopstick Buddies, $2.50
Sock Monkey tea set, $13 (made of metal)

Sometimes the packaging makes the toy even better.  There were some pretty puzzles that are sure to please the little girls and some cool retro toys that are as fun today as they were then:

Horse puzzle, $10
retro jack-in-the-boxes, $15

From the experts:
If you are shopping in the Ballantyne area make sure to swing by Brilliant Sky Toys.  It is a treasure chest of toys for all ages.  I spoke with one of the owners, Nancy and she filled me in on what's been flying off the shelves this year.  Here is just a partial list of her recommendations:

- Melissa and Doug toys, specifically the Sweet Treat Tower and the Slice and Scoop Sundae Set**
- Donkit Darts
- My Friendship Bracelet Maker
- Magic Jelly Fish
- Melissa and Doug Deluxe Easel
- Easy Rollers
- Crazy Forts
- Playmobile's Great Dragon Castle and the Furnished School Building
-Hook Em game
-Calico Critters coupe and camper
-Splash watches

**Be the first to know that this Friday (12/10) and Saturday (12/11) all Melissa and Doug toys will be 20% off!!

Other gift ideas:
I have also compiled a list of my own, with the help of nice readers that gave some input.  This list comes from experts, a.k.a parents whose kids have just celebrated a birthday recently.  These parents have barely cleaned up the smashed cake and wrapping paper so they know what is a hit right now!

- Sing a ma jigs - My son received three of these for his birthday and can't get enough.  The only time he is not playing with them is when his older brother or father has stolen them.  They are so cute and make the whole family laugh! 

- Pillow Pets - Maybe I am slow on this train but I hadn't paid any attention to this toy before this year.  My son has mentioned them, umm only like 100 times so I am assuming they are a hot item.  I found the best deal on them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Use one of those never-expiring coupons for 20% off and they are 15 bucks!

- Corolle Dolls - Obviously I don't get the joy of shopping for a daughter but if and when I do it will be for dolls like this.  You can find several versions on sale right now here.

- Dynamo Torch Lego Man Flashlight -  This LED flashlight doesn't require batteries!  Little boys will love cranking his leg to keep the light running!  Pick one up at REI in Pineville.

- Yo Gabba Gabba Vans - Everyone's favorite (and weirdest) show on tv.  Your little tyke will love sporting these guys on their feet!  Yay Muno!  Grab a pair at Nordstroms Southpark.

Give them something to do:
Unwrapping gifts is awesome but how about giving your kids an activity to do that will entertain them well beyond the holidays.  Sign them up for an art class, music class, or gymnastics.  The Harris and Morrison YMCAs have great programs starting in January.

Or how about a frequent visitor pass to Discovery Place, The Nature Museum, or Monkey Joes?

Better yet, stuff their stockings with tickets to these shows!  You will have a great source of bribery for at least a month!

Thomas and Friends Live  coming Jan 22nd and 23rd

Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus  coming Jan 26-30th

Sesame Street Live  coming March 10-13th

Stay tuned for more shopping tips, this time for moms, dads, and other grown ups...

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