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Friday, April 29, 2011

FYE: 4/29/11...Mandals

*Update...I just went to Buy Buy Baby and next to the registers there are iPlay shoes that look identical to the Natives.  They are $14.99 so with one of those $5 off coupons you pay $10!!

I know I have talked about boy's clothes before and its not that I am forgetting about our little girls but lets get real...girls fashion versus boys fashion is really not a fair match-up.  Need proof?  Just walk into any children's clothing store and compare the size of the girls department to the boys.  95% of the reason that I would want a daughter is just so I can have fun buying the clothes.  Not to mention options!!  With boys you get to decide between shorts or pants, long-sleeve or short-sleeve and thats about it.

Shoes for little boys are no easier.  I have always chosen to go with converse style sneakers, Pumas, or whatever is the least heinous at Target.  Crocs are my go-to in the summer.  I am not a huge fan of the way Crocs look but they are easy for my son to put on himself and they are pretty durable.  Flip flops are great too but it takes a certain age and coordination to master those.  (Side note: boys, unlike girls, are not born with the ability to walk in any shoes).  

So I am talking about shoes because even though I found some new brands this fall that I actually like (Morgan and Milo!!) it is now getting hot and I need summer options.  And what is throwing a major wrench in my shopping is the fact that my youngest can't fit into Crocs yet.  On top of that he has unnaturally hot feet all the time and I feel bad peeling his shoes off his little clammy feet each day.  He needs ventilation!  So I have had to enter the scary territory of MANDALS!!  Is there really a cute option?  I decided to do a little searching around and I actually came up with some options that I can handle. (Bad silk pants and gold chain not included).

Natives ($16-29)
The New Croc...I love these new shoes.  Not necessarily a sandle but available in a rainbow of colors and 5 different styles.  They carry them in Nordstrom at Southpark and online here.  They are made form the same material as Crocs and seem just as durable and ventilated.  

Stride Rite: Aiden ($36)

OK, I am going to admit something that may cause you to call DSS.  I have never taken my kids to have their foot measured at Stride Rite.  I really had never set foot in there before this week.  I know, I know...bad mother.  I actually ended up purchasing these shoes (online) and I am really happy with them.  They are sporty and most importantly allow for plenty of air flow so I don't have to uncork my son's feet at the end of a hot day.  Bonus points:  I ordered from Zappos and they upgraded my (already free) shipping so I received them the next day. 


  1. Buy Buy Baby sells a knockoff version of the Natives which are cheaper. They are great! Caleb wears them everyday and chooses them over his Spider Man sandals which is big. They must be comfy! They have girl colors too.

  2. I am SO getting Branner a pair of Native's! I also got him Tom's--highly recommend-- and a pair of Pediped fisherman-type sandlas that I LOVE. His feet are too small for Crocs, too, which was what I was planning on being my summer go-to shoe. I'm hoping he will fit in them by fall in time for preschool!!!

  3. Beverly, I didn't even see your comment when I posted my update! Thanks for letting me know though! And Ashley I love Toms too!!


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