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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nursery Tour: Ellis Victoria

I am oh so excited for today's post!  These nursery tours are my favorite thing and this one today is gorgeous!!  Jo is mom to Ellis Victoria and obviously a fabulous decorator at heart.  She created a really glamorous space for her daughter but still managed to make it personal and inviting.  I love all of the stories behind the pieces in the room and am really inspired now to finish some of the DIY projects I have half-done around my house!  Thanks for sharing Jo and Ellis Victoria!  Enjoy....

1.  What was the look you were going for?
Something that was not pink...

2.  What was your inspiration behind the room?
The gorgeous fabrics that I selected for the crib bedding served as a launching point for the overall design.

3.  Describe the room in 3 words. 
Over the top!

4.  What is your favorite part of the room? 
I love that when we are in the nursery with our daughter, everything is perfect in the world!

5.  Hit any road blocks when trying to decorate the room? 
Our nursery is filled with do it your self projects.  As my belly grew and my vision began to take shape, my loving family stepped in to help with each and every one of my projects. It
was most definitely a labor of love for my entire family.

6.  Total price of the room

a. less than $500
b. more than $500 but less than $1000
c.  more than $1000 but less than $5000
d.  more than I want to disclose
A.......Well, at least that is what my husband thinks!
 7.  Any do-it-yourself projects in the room. 
As I previously mentioned, our nursery is filled with DIY projects. 
*The changing table was once my grandmothers dresser. We panted stripes in metallic silver and plum,     replaced the knobs and attached a changing tray and pad to the top.
*The wooden shelves are made from barn wood that held my pony as a child in North Western Pennsylvania.
*The four frames on the wall are from Metrolina Expo. We painted the mis-matched antique frames gray, covered foam board with dark purple velvet fabric and mounted smaller silver frames inside each of the frames. Each         
of the smaller frames holds a page from a vintage Barbie calendar.
* The highest shelf on the wall holds three glass containers. Each one is filled with some of my favorite childhood toys that were spray painted with metallic silver paint to coordinate with the overall scheme. The vases hold 
wooden blocks, jacks and puzzle pieces. 
* The chair was picked up from at a local antique store. Upon purchase, we spray painted the chair metallic silver. The back cushion was then  reupholstered with a coordinating silk fabric. To add an unexpected punch, the       
seat of the chair is covered in a dark purple fur - like fabric.
* The nursery also includes a coordinating dog bed for our golden retriever, Luci.

8.  How do you envision transitioning from this room to her big girl room or will you just start all over?
After my daughter tires of her room, I plan to move in!

Ellis Victoria, the lucky resident

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