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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guest Blogger: Mommy Make Under...

Today's post comes to you from Ashley from Life of the Kirby's. She is mom to precious Branner, whose name I love by the way. In between being a mom, wife, friend, and many other things she struggles to find time for just herself these days. Sound familiar??

Mommy Make-Under
Once upon a time a million years ago (I exaggerate, ok, 2 years ago), I used to be fabulous. Well, a lot closer to fabulous than I am right now. I used to get my haircut on the regular every 6 weeks. I used to put on a full face of make-up every single day before work. Most importantly, I used to wash my hair every day. I had an arsenal of hair products, all sorts of cosmetics and eye creams and beauty products galore. I used a brush while drying my hair. I even plugged in a flat iron or curling iron and really went all out styling my hair most days. Then came Branner.

My makeup bag and product arsenal have shrunk in size considerably. Since most mornings, I'm at the gym, I don't need as many eye shadow choices. Don't get me wrong, I always have and always will love applying makeup. When I go in public, out to lunch and out to dinner, I always wear some makeup (I do this for you guys, really--NOBODY wants to see what I look like without it). I rarely leave my house without wearing some mineral foundation and mascara at the very least. I still have a collection, it's just consolidated into one bag instead of three. I only buy the products I love and need.

These days, my beauty routine takes about half the time it used to even when I'm pulling out all the stops and putting on a full face of makeup and styling my hair. Having to contain a rambunctious 14 month old to get ready really lights a fire under your booty! But, who wouldn't rather spend time with their precious one exploring the park or doing something fun? My, my how things have changed! The old me wouldn't even recognize me anymore (and not just because I wear less makeup)!

Ashley and her men...looking fabulous!

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