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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Momsie: STYLE: Bus Driver MOVE THAT BUS...

I am BEYOND excited to tell you about my latest project.  This one combines all the things I love: friends, interior design, do-gooding, and fun!  I have always dreamed of doing an an extreme make-over and the lovely ladies at Florence Crittenton Services are giving me the opportunity.  The women and children that live at FCS depend greatly on donations and meeting their basic needs is always of utmost importance but this time I just want to give them some fresh, new decor.  Every time I have visited the residents of Sarah's House I have noticed how drab their living room is.  The furniture is a hodge-podge of donated items and the carpet and walls are very industrial looking.  I can't help but feel that the room is depressing.  I know that these girls are just thankful to have a roof over their heads but I feel their roof could use a little face-lift.

A group of awesome girls are helping me pull this project off and we all are pouring our hearts into it.   We will be collecting wish-lists from the moms living there and we are going to do our best to exceed their expectations.  Obviously a big piece of this project will be to raise some funds.  We are in the midst of planning a really fun fundraiser so expect more on that later.  We also are going to be hitting up any and all contacts we have that may be of service to us.  And for anyone reading that wants to get involved here is a tentative list of things we will need:

  • couch
  • loveseat or 2 matching chairs
  • 5x7 rug
  • coffee table or storage ottoman
  • window treatments
  • media storage/entertainment center
  • picture frames
  • storage baskets
  • lamps
  • 4 matching kitchen chairs
  • small children's table

We really want to give this room a home-y feel and decorate it how you would your own home, i.e. matching!  We have some items picked out so if you would like to donate funds towards one of those things please contact me at momsiecharlotte@gmail.com.

Also, if you have a service, product, donation of any kind that you feel may benefit this project please get in touch.  That includes man-hours you are willing to offer!  If you need some motivation here is a picture of the room before...

beat up couches, granny chair 
sad little kitchen 

entertainment center with missing doors 
picture wall is a little lacking

basic and boring 

can you say TEAL

Sad, to say the least.  Just think how happy a new bath mat from Target makes you!  Can you imagine their faces when they see a new and improved living room/kitchen?!  These young mothers are making every effort to improve their lives so that their babies may know a life of stability, love, and good health....things that most of them were not fortunate enough to have.  It is our hope that this room make over will remind them that people are proud of them and will help create a space that really feels like their home!

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