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Friday, July 29, 2011

Blind (Play)Date...

My sister, Lauren has been writing all kinds of good advice on here about how to make new mom friends.  The girl should know seeing she has moved 4 times in 4 years!  I am fortunate to have lived in Charlotte for over 20 years now so I have a lot of long term friends in town but we don't always have the same schedules or same age kids so its nice to make new friends as well.  I recently met a new friend for me and my son Sullivan.  He is my youngest so usually he just tags along on playdates with my older son, Oliver's friends.  I was happy for him to meet a little nugget just his size (and volume)!  

So I took a leap and met up with a complete stranger!  Kind of like a blind date!  I met Ashley through Momsie and you may remember her post, here.  We seem to have a lot in common at least through the internet and from what I could tell she was not crazy...at least no more than me!  We had a great time at Cotswold Toys & Co. and then headed to the lunch standard at this age, Chick fil a.  The only time I felt a little nervous was when Sullivan was trashing the restaurant and her sweet Branner sat there like an angel. She assured me this was just as act for me!  We were able to talk and compare notes on crazy boys.  We had plenty in common aside from motherhood too from trying to work out, training for a 5K, shopping, not getting to finish our lunch EVER, and blogging.  

So, I am living proof that meeting new friends is possible and not nearly as scary as you might think.  Go out on a limb and invite some new friends to lunch or the park, you will be happy to have another mom in your life.  Your kids will love seeing new faces too.  Thanks Ashely and Branner for making our first blind (play)date fun!


  1. Happy for you guys! I wish I could find time for playdates for William.

  2. We had a great time! Thanks for reaching out!


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