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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

design POST (*Giveaway*)

It has been a long time since we did a giveaway so it is time!  I have appreciated so much your feedback on design POST so as a "thank you" I am offering a free design board to one lucky winner.  Not sure what a design board even is?  Basically you tell me what it is you want to do: throw a party, update your wardrobe, or make over your living room.  I then create a vision board with images that are relevant to your project.  Not only that but I will include resource information so you can actually find and purchase the things I recommend. Design boards are a great way to help you narrow your vision and plan more effectively.  They are especially great for anyone who feels that they don't have the time, creativity, and/or desire to come up with a look or theme.   

So, I will post this giveaway on our Momsie Facebook page and all you need to do to enter is leave a comment saying you would like the free customized design board.  To make it even more fun include the project you would like help on!  If you are not local you can still enter.  We can get creative on how to "meet" and I can even offer some services from afar!

I will randomly choose a winner and announce the results on Wednesday the 13th! 

Not sure if it is worth your time to enter?!  Well if you need help with any of the following you're crazy not to at least try...

birthday party for your child
wedding or baby shower
"summer cleaning": organizing closets, kitchens, or even your pantry
room make-overs: finally create the bedroom you dream about, settle into your living room with new accessories, or turn that nursery into a big girl/boy room
closet organization: Ready to purge those old clothes, organize what's left, and figure out what to shop for next??

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