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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Child: Adrienne Patterson...

Note from Beth:  When Adrienne originally sent her post for this week the pictures were all arranged nicely.  Blogger had other things in mind hence the weird placement of her pictures.  I guess it makes it look more interesting?  Whatever, they are still cute and the post is great!

My life has been just about perfect.  I am that person that has had most things in life fall neatly into place.  I did have to wait longer than I thought to start having kids but the moment Scott gave the go ahead I was pregnant immediately.  My pregnancy was perfectly normal, I gained the average amount of weight had no sickness and felt good.  I was in the midst of getting my hair highlighted so that I could look perfect for my big day when the contractions started. Not one to be deterred in my perfect plan I continued with my foils just urging the stylist to speed it up a bit. I had also been applying a wonderful new self-tanner so despite the cold gray February conditions I was feeling like a beach blonde beauty!  Perfectly highlighted I set off to the hospital, checked in got a quick epidural and progressed wonderfully.  Not even 6 hrs in we were ready to push!  I pushed like a champ and wasn’t even tired and then we hit that second hour and my perfect plans began to detrail.

 The baby was not coming and I was going to have to have a c-section…definitely NOT  part of my perfect plan.  So they wheel me out to surgery where  I proceed to get extremely nauseous and had to be knocked out.  I don’t remember the delivery or seeing the baby and the spent 4 hours in recovery.  When I woke up my highlighted hair stood on end and my self tanner has smeared in the most unattractive way.  My nose was swollen from the constant itching from the morphine making it hard to hold my new baby when the nurse finally brought her to me.  As I gazed at my precious new baby girl the rather heavy set nurse who was gasping for breath at my bedside informed me of a small cut on baby’s head (her actual words were, “Her head is all tore up”) and I suddenly realized during that moment that my perfect plan was out the window and this baby girl was going to rock my world and totally take apart my perfectly laid plans!!

She cried a good bit, didn’t sleep through the night until she was 4 months old, she flat our refused formula at 8 months old and she was a puker (side note, I am terrified of vomit and this child puked every chance she got!).  She wouldn’t poop in the potty when it came to potty training and she wouldn’t grow any darn hair for me to put cute bows in!!!  Yes Molly Scott came out and did things her own way in her own time leaving me fretting over how to make a plan with a child that didn’t seem to want to cooperate in the least!!

Here we are 7 years later getting ready for a new adventure and before we kick off our homeschool adventure I thought I would introduce you to my star student!

She is the oldest of our 3 girls and she has some pretty extroverted sisters who are constantly trying to steal the spotlight….

  Molly Scott (7)                                   Gracie (5)                                      Finley(3)


Despite these show stealers she still manages to carve out her own place in our family.  She is our most observant and while not our most cuddly and affectionate she is the most compassionate and kind hearted.  She enjoys playing (bossing) her sisters around but she also likes her alone time.  Based on the pictures above who could blame her for wanting some peace and quiet, LOL!!  She is very creative both artistically and in play. She is constantly coming up with shows to perform, games to play or imaginary games….

She is our most cautious child, never rushing into anything or risking making a fool of herself (she leaves that to Gracie) but one place she isn’t cautious is her emotions!!  Those run wild and free and full of DRAMA, oh my!! 

She absolutely LOVES cats,
Her cat, Cupcake
Her cat costume
Her cat t-shirt

Mothering all her cousins,

And swimming, riding bikes and drawing,

She is definitely not my easiest child but she is my greatest teacher!  She is teaching me patience and she calls me out when I am wrong. She sticks up for me if she thinks I have been wronged and she is loyal to the end.  She makes me laugh with her silliness….

And of course she is special because she is my first baby. All of her firsts are my firsts in a way as well because I get to experience them through her eyes…

First recital (she hated it), First days of school (she was ambivalent), Losing the first tooth (she acted like an idiot but we got it out and then she was happy). 

And now of course she will be my first student!!  If history is any predictor it’s going to be hard and she will test me at every turn but in the end she will succeed and we will both come out better for it!  School starts Thursday……

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