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Monday, November 14, 2011

$40/week Grocery Challenge Re-visit...

Another busy weekend, another Sunday that I just didn't feel like going grocery shopping!  Ever just get in a slump and don't feel like doing your wifely duties?!  Well thats how I am feeling these days.  I just don't feel like grocery shopping, doing laundry, or making dinner.  So I thought why not give myself a break from at least two of those things and switch the challenge up a bit. Instead of trying to spend only $40 at the grocery store I am going to spend that money on eating out this week.  I know that sounds impossible but I am determined to make it work. Heres the plan:

  • We are only going to eat out 4 of the 7 nights (I will plan a night for leftovers and cook the two remaining nights).
  • I am going to utilize the "kids eat free" tab right here on Momsie.  I am going to pick a restaurant each night that offers free kids meals.  Thats 2 people in the family that will eat without disturbing the $40 budget.
  • We are going to eat at non-tipping type restaurants meaning I will be choosing the places that are a step up from fast-food but that do not require a waiter/tipping (ex: McCalister's)
  • One night is pizza night and we always have leftovers so that will cover 2 nights.  We have been doing the $10 any pizza deal at Pizza Hut.  Check it out bc it is a really good deal!
  • One night I will be making this simple potato soup (I always have the ingredients on hand and it is a quick fix).
  • On the other night that I am cooking we will be having what my mom used to call, "The Sunday Night Special."  It consists of grilled cheese and vanilla milkshakes.
So that is my plan to not have to grocery shop (other than maybe some milk or bread) for this week!  I will also be scoping out Lauren's recipe coming on Tuesday because it is sure to be simple and yummy.  Happy Monday!

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