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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mommy and Me Missions...

Adrienne has called out sick...just kidding she has actually called out busy and for good reason. She is a volunteering machine.  I mean she really is one of those people who doesn't just talk the talk, she is walking the walk.  And right along with her are her children.  How awesome to be able to serve in your community and set such a great example to your kids!!  Adrienne has started a group in her hometown called "Mommy and Me Missions" and her goal is to find volunteering opportunities that both parents and kids can do together.  This way adults don't have to miss a chance to volunteer just because they don't have childcare.  I can tell you from first-hand experience that kids love these missions.  My son went to visit and was recruited on one of their service projects.  He loved the experience and I was so proud to see him doing completely selfless work.

This week Adrienne is busy finalizing plans for a major fundraiser she is putting on with The Salvation Army so blogging had to take a backseat.  I am so proud and can't wait to hear about the results of her efforts.  If I had the time and drive that Adrienne does I would try to start a Charlotte chapter but until then check out the Facebook page for M&MM.  Make sure to "like" the page and keep up with all their do-gooding.  I hope it inspires some of you to get out and volunteer.  Stay tuned next week for some local opportunities to volunteer that I will be bringing your way!!

Adrienne and her crew!

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  1. Is there anything better than being complimented by the sister who you thought would for sure grow up to hate you after you ripped up her NKOTB poster?! Thank you Beth for the acknowledgment of my newest endeavor...it truly is a labor of love and I would love to think others might be encouraged to do the same in their town!


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