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Monday, November 28, 2011

Road Trippin with the Kiddos...

Welcome back!  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  We did the traveling thing to go visit my in-laws in Georgia and had a great time.  The one downside was the 4-hour drive there and back! My kids are not great travelers AT ALL!  Especially when they are tired or hungry and they were both while we sat in 2 hours of stand still traffic!  Did any of you run into this problem over the holidays?  More importantly does anyone have any great advice on how to make traveling with kids more bearable?  

We seem to try it all: snacks, toys, movies, games, and breaks here and there but it seems like every time we reach our destination my husband and I are completely frazzled and the kids are a wreck!  There also doesn't seem to be a "good" time of day to travel.  I used to avoid nap times because I thought the kids would be happier if they weren't tired but that didn't work.  So, we have tried driving while the kids are tired in hopes that they would fall asleep but no such luck there either.  

So, what are your go-to tricks?  Anyone have the magic ticket for making road trips more bearable?  And don't limit your advice to just car rides because we all know flights can be a nightmare as well!  Maybe I will throw this question out there to Adrienne since she is our "advice guru!"  Send me an email or leave a comment...I would love to hear from you here or on our Facebook page

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  1. Oh, I really hope someone has some suggestions! We are leaving in 2 weeks for DC, and I'm already dreading it. While a great napper at home, B NEVER sleeps in the car.


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