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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Day in the Life...

Just more insight I want to share with the childless about what motherhood entails.  If you are thinking about having children or if you are a husband who doesn't understand why the life of a mother is so taxing please keep reading...
Today I had a few errands to run and this is how it went:

  • Throw on some work out clothes, no time for a shower because most of the morning was spent trying to accomplish some things around the house while being interrupted every other 5 minutes by the kids.
  • Dressed the kids. 
  • Packed the diaper bag with snacks, drinks, diapers, and a couple of toys.  Threw in my wallet and cell phone.  Long gone are the days of a cute purse.
  • Wrestled my son into his carseat, repeatedly asked my other son to get in his seat and buckle up.
  • Got in the drivers seat only to realize I left my phone inside. Go back in only to realize I already put it in my diaper bag.
  • Get back in the car and already have to fish out the drink for one child since he is screaming and we haven't left the driveway.
  • Got to the mall, unloaded the kids, a massive double stroller, the diaper bag.  Jackets on.  Hats on.  Passy and blanket with us.  Car locked.  Check.
  • Get into the mall only to realize that we forgot my son's cup.  It is leaking somewhere in the backseat where he threw it.  Decide to forego the cup and start brainstorming about how he will drink with his lunch.
  • Hunt for an elevator. Work my way to the store I need to go to.  Repeatedly ask my older son to stop reaching out and grabbing clothes as we pass them.  Pick up a bottle of perfume he knocked off a table.  No damage thank God!
  • Quickly explain what we need monogrammed to the guy at the kiosk all while both sons try to wiggle out of their buckles.
  • Head to the food court and catch a glimpse of myself in a window as we pass.  Pray I don't see anyone I know.
  • Order chicken nuggets for all as my son uses his foot to kick off of the counter sending them and the stroller sailing back into people passing by.  Offer apologies to them, threats to him.
  • Thank the man who carried our tray.  Unbuckle everyone, stick down placemats, put straws in drinks, squirt ketchup, open yellow "dip dip", cut up food.  Sit down and take a deep breath.
  • All the sudden realize someone is talking to me as the man next to me looks at me with pity and says, "you have a busy couple of years ahead of you."
  • Wolf down my food (hope no one is looking) since I will only have about 3 minutes before something is spilled or someone is complaining.   Repeatedly ask my younger son to stop throwing his food on the floor.  Feel utter joy when I realize my son can drink from a straw!!  Give up on making him eat his lunch and give him the oreos I brought instead.  Bribe my other son to eat or he won't get ice cream.
  • Clean up our table.  Leave the mess on the floor and hope the custodian doesn't see me walking away.
  • Wipe hands, faces, clothes and hair.
  • Head back out of the mall.  Detour through the dress section just to peek.  Decide quickly that I am an idiot and these two desperately need naps.
  • Make my way through people who don't understand that STROLLERS HAVE THE RIGHT-AWAY!!
  • Push the handicap buttons so I can maneuver through doors.  
  • Unload both boys, the diaper bag and my bag into the car.  Wrestle my youngest into his seat again.
  • Crank up the car and immediately have to turn around to fish out the passy for my already-crying youngest.
  • Get out of the parking lot to a still screaming child and try to reach back to find his blanket.  Realize its not there.  He dropped it somewhere in the last store.
  • Cuss under my breath and head back to the parking lot.  Have to run back in and search the floor for the blanket.  Find it under a rack of clothes.
  • Get back in the car, hand the blanket to my son.  He stops crying.
  • Talk junk to the slow driver in front of me.  Tell him (not to his face) that he "is old and shouldn't have a license"  My older son dies laughing.  Make a mental note to be aware of what I say in the car from now on.
  • Get home, change a diaper, remind one to pee pee on the potty.  Get both in their beds.  Fall on the couch.  Relax for about 5 minutes and then realize I need to return phone calls, start dinner, and check my email.

Its only 3:30 in the afternoon.  And today is not out of the ordinary.  Just another day in the life of a mother!  Yes children are gifts and motherhood is precious but this is what it is like day-to-day and hour-by-hour.  It is not a job for the weak!


  1. This is genius Beth....I just sat down from an afternoon very similar but with one child. You are a great mommy! And yes, toughest job ever!


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