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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste...

I posted this a while back on my personal blog.  I started with that one just to keep family updated and eventually started Momsie.  I think of this post over and over again as I do dumb things on a daily basis.  I have had several people tell me they can relate to this and that makes me feel a tad better.  I hope that even more of you will come out of the wood work to let me know I am not alone in this.  I will be writing a continuation of this soon titled, "Dumb things I say to my kids..."

Does anyone else out there do things that make no sense sometimes?  Sometimes I amaze myself at how illogically my brain works.  For instance, when I walk by a pile of folded laundry that needs to go upstairs but I just don't take it.  I guess this could be called good old fashioned laziness but its not that.  I look at the pile and know that I should pick it up bc I am going upstairs anyways but I don't.  I tell myself I will just get it the next trip.  Does that make sense to anyone?!  Absolutely not.  Or how about when I go to Target, like I did today, to stock up on cleaning supplies.  This doesn't happen a lot bc lets face it my cleaning supplies have been lasting a loooong time since Sullivan came along.  But anyway I go to buy things for cleaning and I know that we are low on trash bags but I just don't get them.   Not for any real reason other than I figure I will just make another trip when they actually run out.  Because who in their right mind would just buy them today?!   Or heres one....I only own two pairs of tall socks (I have the ankle ones which is another illogical thing since I don't work out).  Dead serious...2 pairs.  I wear boots all the time so why wouldn't I just buy more.  Like, when I am in Target?  Today?  And my favorite stupid thing I do is not getting gas.  I hate pumping gas.   Its boring and I hate just standing there waiting for it to finish.  I only go when my light is on (and has been for a day or 2) but never just when its getting low and I am passing a gas station.  And sometimes, gasp, I don't even fill it all the way up because I hate waiting and again I hate getting gas. So obviously I would rather have smaller increments of time between pumping.  Wow, I am smart!! 

I guess all of these habits fall under the same category with being late everywhere I go.  I assume that I can get anywhere in "10 minutes" : the doctor's office that is 15 minutes away, my son's preschool that is about 12, Target that is a good 25, and anywhere else that is within the state of North Carolina.  And I forget that not only do I need more than 10 minutes to get there, I need more than 25 seconds to get me and the two boys in the car.   Some days I feel horrible when I think of their little frazzled faces as I scream at them to "put on your shoes!!", "hurry up and buckle!!",  "move your arm so I can buckle you!!" (this is at my 11 month old!)   Poor guys.  They looked shell shocked most days after we finally get on the road.  And baffled that this crazy woman that just made them flee the house like it was on fire can now be saying "ooh, look boys a fire truck." 

I wish I was normal.  Or at least a little more logical in my thinking.  But these are the cards I am dealt so I will just try to do a little better tomorrow and in the meantime I will get up, walk right past the bathroom without putting away the toilet paper I bought at Target and get on with my life.

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  1. Beth- this made me laugh outloud, especially the crazy-woman-who-is-now-pointing-out-a-firetruck part! It's so true, that is me on a regular basis!! Glad to know I'm not alone! :)


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