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Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Party

I am not one of those girls who pretends to like sports.  Not even when my husband and I were dating.  I just can't get into them at all, especially football!  There are too many rules and I get confused and it seems like games last forever.  My favorite part of watching my college team play was the hotdog at half-time!  So needless to say I am not even remotely excited about Super Bowl Sunday.  I honestly don't even know who is playing.  Ha, my husband would be so proud!  But it is a great excuse to have some friends over and eat good food.  If I were feeling creative and productive I would throw a party like the one I saw on EatDrinkPretty.  It would be perfect for adults or kids and I am in love with the cheeseburger cupcakes!  We, on the other hand will be ditching the usual tailgate food and taking advantage of the PF Chang's deal going on Sunday (check it out here).  If any of you decide to show me up and have a cute party please send over the pictures so I can talk about you behind your back, ha ha I kid, I kid!


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