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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forever 21 vs. JCrew

I am not a fan of spending a lot of money on one piece of clothing.  I prefer to spend a lot and get a lot.  I actually pride myself on finding cheap clothes and I have gotten really good at finding the inexpensive stuff that will hold up.  Case in point, I have a black pea coat from Forever 21 that has held up through the past 3 winters.  I get more compliments on that coat and I paid a whopping 40 bucks for it.  Actually most things that I get complimented on were less than $50.  So imagine my joy when I flipped through the J.Crew catalogue today and spotted this adorable striped blazer.  I just found it's twin at Forever 21 the other day and I paid a lot less than what they are asking.  So I got a super cute blazer, my sons got shoes with the money I saved and my husband breathes a sigh of relief!  Our budget resolution lives on...
Untitled by MOMSIE featuring a blazer jacket

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