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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not running on all cylinders....

Thats how I am feeling this week.  I just realized that I didn't even include the date to the Momsie event that I posted this week (here)!  For the record it is Feb 17th and I hope lots of you can come!  

My head literally feels like it is in the clouds thanks to my little boogers.  For some reason I forget that I am susceptible to their germs and keep kissing them smack on the lips when they are sick.  How is it even possible to want to kiss someone when they have a constant flow of snot pouring out of their nose??!  More proof of that motherly love.  So all this kissing snotty upper lips and being coughed and sneezed on has taken its toll and now I just feel icky.  I don't know if I am nauseous, stuffed up, exhausted, or all of the above.  All I know is that it needs to clear up before my trip away this weekend.  Yes, on top of the sickness in our house, I have been busy planning a bachelorette party.  At 31 it takes a little more thought than it did at 25.  For one I am not about to be caught dead buying penis straws with my two sons in tow and the bride certainly does not want the typical party that includes her wearing a tiara and sash.  I have also been planning all the decoration aspects of her rehearsal dinner so my dining room table has become a major disaster area.  (Resolution #3...FAIL.)  I am loving getting to do all of this creative stuff and I am honored to do it for one of my closest friends but my old butt is feeling it.  I feel like at the end of each day I just crossed a finish line.  I am worn down and feel like if one more thing happens I will just come completely unglued.  My husband must have sensed this because he surprised me with one of the sweetest most sentimental gifts I could think of right now....a cleaning lady!!  I had no shame in letting her come in to find our house exactly as it is right now (a MESS) and I offered to pay her extra if she would fold all of my laundry and do some ironing I have been putting off for months.  Yep, no shame!  And trust me that is nothing compared to what I would like to ask her to do...take my temperature, make me a sick bed on the couch, whip up some chicken noodle soup, go to the grocery store for me, go drop off my son's preschool tuition, take both boys to the doctor, work out for me and have sex with my husband for me.  See, I took it easy on her!!  

So my apologies for any other errors this week.  I have started the Emergen-C cocktail and I will try to get as much rest as possible over the next couple of days.  Thanks for understanding and not judging...seriously I would not really ask her to work out for me!!  

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