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Friday, October 28, 2011

Great Find...Dapper Snapper...

Sorry "girl-moms" this post is not for you!  No, this is for all the mothers of those little boys who have teeny tiny waists!  My sons seem to grow up but not out therefore leaving me with pants that always fit in length but never in the waist.  My older son is ok because once they reach the 2T's and above there is the adjustable waist in most pants but my younger son is out of luck. There are a couple of brands that do adjustables earlier but I also have lots of hand-me-downs and I don't ant to buy him an entire new wardrobe.  Enter...the Dapper Snapper.   It is like a portable adjustable waist band that can be used on any pants that have belt loops.  You simply snap it through the back couple of loops and adjust to the proper waist size.   No bunching and no drooping!  I haven't found any local retailers but you can order online, here.

ps.  And to be fair it is made for girls too it just seems that this topic always comes up with boy moms :)

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