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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Are you a true Charlottean: The Southpark Mall Quiz

You may think that you have to have been born in Charlotte to be considered a Charlottean, but I beg to differ.  I think there are several ways in which you can earn the title.  For instance, if you can name all of the streets at the intersection in front of Myers Park Methodist church.  Or if you can name every street with the word Sharon in it.  One test I think any true "Charlottean" must pass is the one that tests your knowledge of Southpark mall.  I have lived in Charlotte for 20+ years and in that time I have seen so many transformations of that mall it is crazy.  The Southpark I used to cruise with my junior high friends is far different than the one today.  Lets test you all and see how well you know Charlotte's beloved mall.

Give yourself one point for each question that you can answer "yes" to:

1.  I remember when there was an Eckerd in the mall.

2.  I remember when there was a Woolworth's in the mall.

3.  I remember that when there was a Woolworth's it was located across from the "up" escalator that comes up from the parking garage and it covered that wall.  There was no hallway leading to the Neiman Marcus/Nordstrom wing.

4.  I remember when there were two music stores, both near what is now Cheesecake factory.  **Extra points if you remember the names of those stores!

5.  I remember when there was a Charlie's restaurant located inside the mall, near what is now Express.

6.  I remember when there were no kiosks.

7.  I remember when the food court was located in the center of the mall (by the escalators from the parking garage).

8.  I remember that the food court had a raised area with seating.

9.  I remember all of the following restaurants in the food court: Hovan, Taco Bell, Sbarro, Chick-fil-a, Great Steak, and Mrs. Field's cookies.

10.  I can say which two restaurants offered seating inside their restaurant.

11.  Further down the line, I remember there being an Atlanta Bread Company where Puma now resides.

12.  I remember Britches.

13.  I remember when Macys was Hechts, and before that Tallheimers.  

14.  I remember when Dillard's was Ivy's.

15.  I remember when there was a movie theater in the parking lot near the area which is now Symphony Park.

16.  I remember when basically the only parking was in the underground garage.

17.  I remember The Nature Store.

18.  I remember the Units store.

If you can think of any other features of the old Southpark let me know!  If you took the quiz, leave a comment and let me know your score.  Highest score wins a prize!  If there is a tie I will draw a number from a hat!

1 comment:

  1. 18 points!
    I remember going to see "Follow That Bird" with my mother in that movie theater!! I remember the Woolworth's in there because they sold candy cigarettes and had the "soda" shop in there. I remember the raised seating area in the food court because I used to think that was the ONLY cool spot to enjoy Chik Fil A, which at that time, could only be enjoyed at the mall, because there were no individual Chick Fil A Restaurants in the Charlotte area. I remember the music stores, because I remember purchasing my first Lemonheads CD there. I remember when it was easy to navigate and not get lost in there! lol And how can you NOT remember Units!!! I mean really?!?!? They invented the "Trendy Comfort" look!!
    I also remember I was sitting in the Sears parking lot (which is now Dicks Sporting Goods and Part of Neiman Marcus) waiting on my Drivers Ed instructor to come out, when listening to the radio, we heard the news that Susan Smith's children were found in the car in the lake.
    But all in all, great memories of South Park and the way it used to be!! :-) THanks Beth!


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