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Thursday, March 31, 2011

momsie: STYLE

In my dreams this is how a finished room would look for one of my sons.  I will bring you pictures of their real rooms one day soon but for now take a look at this seriously creative and fun circus-themed room...

This room looks like it has a lot of DIY elements, including using pallets for the bed.  I just did my own pallet project (more on that soon) and now I am seeing so many uses for them.  Best part: THEY ARE FREE!  I also love the sewn-together rugs and ferris wheel storage for toys.  I love it all!  For a complete article about this room click, here.


  1. i just got a pallet...and am debating what i am going to turn it into!! can't wait to see what you did:)

  2. This seriously looks like an awesome room!!!! Although I can see kids trying to climb into those buckets for the ferris wheel and getting dumped out... but really they would only do it once (haha)... I LOVE IT!


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