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Thursday, March 10, 2011

momsie: STYLE

Nursery Tour: NASH

I love to see how people decorate their kid's rooms, well their whole house really.  I thought I would start doing nursery tours every once in awhile to see how other people have created little spaces for their kids.  Anyone is welcome to play, just contact me at momsiecharlotte@gmail.com.

Our first edition is coming from the west coast, way over in Seattle.  I asked my sister to share their nursery with us because I love how she incorporated lots of DIY projects (including the bedding!!) and the nautical theme.  The room is really unique and almost as cute as the little guy living in it!  Enjoy... 

1.  What was the look you were going for?
At the time, we lived in sunny Southern California and I was really feeling the "beachy" thing. The main thing I didn't want was anything too themed or matchy.

2.  What was your inspiration behind the room? 
Basically our backyard at the time- the beach!  However, shortlly after finishing the nursery and bringing Nash home we moved to Seattle. Now his room brings back great memories from sunnier days!

3.  Describe the room in 3 words. Breezy, relaxed, and fresh

4.  What is your favorite part of the room? 
I made the bumper pad, bedskirt, and original set of curtains and I'm very proud of that! It must have been the early pregnancy hormones giving me the energy because just the thought of doing it today makes me tired!

5.  Hit any road blocks when trying to decorate the room? 
Before I decided to make the bedding I was looking for pre-made sets in stores and online and I didn't feel like any of it was my taste or it was far more than I could spend. Eventually I decided that if I was going to be that picky then I might as well make it all myself! Also, we rent our home so no major structural or cosmetic changes could be made (i.e. painting the room).

6.  Total price of the room

a. less than $500- My total budget was $500 (the crib and changing table were gifts). The bed was the most expensive thing we bought ($200 from Ikea).
b. more than $500 but less than $1000
c.  more than $1000 but less than $5000
d.  more than I want to disclose

7.  Any do-it-yourself projects in the room. 
Almost the whole room! 
Mobile- I used a styrofoam wreath form from Michael's and then wrapped it in ribbon. I used a different ribbon to hang it with and to attach the letters. 
Baskets- I used baskets from Michael's and attached large shells I bought for $1 each at a beach side store.   
Curtain tie backs- I had the rope cut at Lowe's and tied the ends into knots.
Crib bedding- I bought a set of pillow forms from an online do-it-yourself nursery source called www.makeroomforbaby.com as well as a pattern for the bedskirt. I bought the fabric from Mood Fabrics (of Project Runway fame!) in LA.
Framed pictures- I made color copies from a children's book of Nash's and used frames from Michaels. I attached the ribbon for hanging.
Curtains- Not the curtains in the picture but really great Roman shades that I custom made for his San Diego nursery.  Unfortunately, they didn't work on his windows here in Seattle so all of my hard work on that one didn't go to show for much:(
8.  How do you envision transitioning from this room to his big boy room or will you just start all over?
I really like the breezy, beachy theme but we'll probably do something a little "tougher" for his big boy room. 

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