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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Years Resolutions? What New Years Resolutions?

Back in January I bravely made public my New Years Resolutions.  Luckily I didn't post all of them so that you all would not know how slack I can be.  Eating vegetarian once a week??  Does eating fast food once a week suffice??  Keeping my dining room table cleared off so we can actually eat there??  Well that one is accomplished but it took until March to do it.  And as far as actually eating there...well we still prefer the coffee table.  Baby steps people.

I know that I encouraged all of you to put volunteering on your list and I introduced you to Florence Crittenton Services.  I found this place and fell in love with their mission and I just know that there are other moms who could find their place to volunteer here also.  I know that one of the problems with getting started is just knowing what you have to offer.  FCS just sent an email that lists their needs and specific requests at this time.  Look it over and see if you can help.  It may be your time or maybe just a donation, either way you will be helping.  

Volunteer Opportunities: 

Please review their latest volunteer opportunities below and contact Michelle Calvert, Volunteer Coordinator, to sign up.  She can be reached at (704)372-4663 or via email mreader@fcsnc.org.
  • Arts and Crafts Activities: Volunteers are needed to share your talents and interests with our clients! Teach knitting, crochet, sewing, any type of art, poetry, journaling, etc.
  • Tutors in Geometry, Biology & Spanish: We currently need two Spanish tutors and one geometry and one biology tutor for some of our high school students. Hours are after school, evenings or weekends. 
  • Sort Donations: Volunteers needed to help sort through in-kind donations, organize and store them in appropriate areas. Commit to once a week or once a month, times can be flexible. A brief training can be provided.
  • Special Event Assistants: Crittenton's 2nd Annual Alumni Reunion is April 30th and we need your help! **Please see below for more details on how you can be involved in the fun.
  • Provide a birthday cake: We have several clients celebrating thier birthdays with us this month. You can help make their day extra special by providing a personalized cake!
  • Outreach Assistants: Help spread the word about Crittenton and our services! Research NC agencies for potential referral sources and keep this information current, send thank you notes to follow up on staff outreach efforts, schedule speaking engagements for staff. Speakers also needed for agency fairs and various outreach opportunities.
  • Etiquette Instructor: Coordinate a brief workshop for our clients currently conducting job searches on expressing appreciation, focusing on appropriate phone etiquette and writing thank you notes.
**Save the Date!
Join us on Saturday, April 30th for our 2nd Annual Crittenton Alumni Reunion! Tours of FCS offered from 10 to 11 a.m., followed by a picnic lunch and celebration at nearby Latta Park 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information or to RSVP, contact Tracie McLeod.

Please see below for related 
volunteer opportunities.

- Help serve lunch
- Help at the registration table
- Serve on the set up committee
- Serve on the clean-up team
- Serve as a "floater"

Donation Needs: 
* Water bottles for our clients who are
  trying to quit smoking 

* Purses and books for our agency
  "Yard Sale" fundraiser this summer 

* Crochet needles & yarn
* Acoustic Guitar - gently used is fine
* Twin size comforters and blankets  
  for spring/summer
* Alarm clocks
Headphones for students using the
  GED lab 

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