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Friday, March 25, 2011

FYE: 3/25/11

For today's FYE post I have more music for you.  For me nice weather and good music go hand-in-hand.  Most of the year I have turned into a grinch when it comes to loud music in the car.  I hate the extra noise because peace and quiet has become an elusive luxury but when the weather warms up I love riding with the windows down and blaring music!  Especially on a road trip to any beach destination!!  I like the music on while we play outside, while we grill out, and while I clean.  Music is my only motivation to start that work out that I put off all year long and there is nothing better than a good walk/run with great tunes.  Especially when the song makes you feel like you are in the actual music video (happens to me a lot)!  

So, here is one of my new favorites: Adele!  She is not new but somehow I have been missing out.  Some of her songs (like the one below) are slower but just her naturally great voice make them AWESOME!  Enjoy her this weekend....

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