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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Although the weather can't seem to make up it's mind, in our house it is definitely spring!  Before kids I used to always decorate my house according to the season...hearts for Valentine's Day, turkeys for Thanksgiving, and pumpkins at Halloween (nerd, I know.).  Since having kids, er mobile kids, I have stopped most of that because either the holiday creeps up on me and I don't feel like lugging the decorations out of the basement or I look at the festive stuff and can only picture the ways in which my kids are going to destroy it.  But in honor of this fabulous spring weather we have been having lately I am in the decorating spirit.  I found a couple of cute things I could do around the house that are indestructible, inexpensive, and easy enough to let my 4 year old help with.

First, let me remind you to sign up for Michael's email coupons.  You receive them weekly and there is always either a 40% or 50% off coupon.  I got my supplies either there or the dollar store.  You probably have most of this stuff in your house:

plastic eggs
Easter grass or fabric scraps
miniature birds nests

Spring makes me think of birds so we went with a nest theme around here.  I had some big pieces of burlap  left-over from a rehearsal dinner I just did so I put one on my dining room table for a runner.  I also had these little birds nests left-over from a baby shower but they are still sold at Michael's.  I used a nest as a place setting at each seat.  I let my son put an egg in each nest and voila...cute Easter table! (*We did end up using Cadbury candy eggs in the nests instead bc they fit and they are yummy!)

Next, I bought a medium sized wreath (Michael's) and laid it flat in the center of my dining room table.  I filled the middle with some fabric scraps I had and let my son fill it with plastic Easter eggs.  It would look great with a hurricane and candle in the middle but we chose to go with a stone bird I had from Crate and Barrel.  My son loves the "mama bird" but if you don't happen to buy random birds like I do you can just do the eggs on their own or whatever your little heart desires.  If you think of something cool, share a picture with me!   

I have tossed some eggs throughout the house and called it a day.  My kids think they are so fun and I am not worried about them breaking them, after all they are $1/dozen.  I am also not afraid of having Easter egg hunts a little early.  It is a great game that the kids can play in the yard while I clean out my car or start dinner.  I just tell them that there are only treats in them when the Easter bunny hides them. 


  1. adorable ideas! I am in desperate need for some spring rejuvenation at our house!! loooving the bird cage by the fireplace...where did you find that one?

  2. I got the birdcage for Cameron's wedding stuff. I found three at Homegoods...of course!


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