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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Concert Series: UPDATE

I love how all of these shopping centers put on family friendly concerts all spring and summer.  They are beginning at most places in April so check out these schedules and mark it on your calendars!  Click on the picture for a larger, easy to print version.

Live Music at the MET...(located at Metropolitan Ave.)
Every Thursday from 6:30-9:30pm

May 12

The Stranger: Billy Joel Tribute

THE STRANGER is the complete premiere tribute to the music of the 
Piano Man himself, Billy Joel. Comprised of some of the best and most 
experienced musicians in the business, this 6 piece band brings together 
an authentic replication of Billy's timeless music, crowning it with soulful, 
spot on vocals that makes listening to a Billy Joel song so special. 
You will be amazed that what you're seeing and hearing is actually a tribute band.
Visit: Website
May 19The Band of Gold

The Band Of Gold as it stands today has morphed and changed with the 
years with one purpose in mind... a great time for everyone! With a big 
songlist that stretches from the 50’s oldies, through every decade of rock music, 
soul, R&B, funk, disco, beach music to the hits of today, The Band Of Gold plays it all.
Visit: Website
May 26Simplified

Simplified expands cleverly on music that sounds familiar, but is decidedly different. 
Tunes trip down a trail of neatly packaged stories, chocked with innovative musicianship, 
classy, cool lyrics and authentic vocals. Simplified manages a unique and singular musical 
kingdom, shuffling from sweet ballads to guitar driven power rock songs to reggae tinged
 sing alongs. The magnetic quality of Simplified is anchored in authenticity, and it’s indeed
 this pure, uncomplicated approach to music and performance that keeps fans engaged and
 supportive. Their loyal fan base see themselves in the songs, the stories, the Simplified-ness 
of the music.
Visit: Website

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I'll be referencing it all summer!


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