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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Knew I was a Mom When....

In honor of Mother's Day coming up here are some instances in which I have really felt like a mom:

  • When I had to kiss someone's boo boo.  Not just pretend but really kiss a nasty scrape.  Gross.
  • When I had to rub my child's back while he threw up even while I gagged, breathed through my mouth, and silently tried to think about daisies and butterflies.
  • When I licked my finger and wiped something off my child's face.
  • When I have realized their was poo on my hand while changing a nasty diaper and didn't think twice about it.  On numerous occasions.  Several days a week.
  • When I have touched something in my house and gotten a booger on my hand....thats not mine.
  • When I have gone to bed with unfolded laundry on my couch, legos under my bed, and a sink full of dishes.
  • When I have considered ripping a random three year old a new one because they told my child he is not their friend.  
  • When I have pulled up at preschool only to realize I didn't pack a lunch BUT was able to fashion one out of the contents of my car.
  • When I started viewing my dog as more of a vacuum cleaner/garbage disposal than a pet.
  • When my mental checklist before a trip went from lip gloss, sun glasses, and purse to passy, blankets, and diaper bag.
  • When I left hall lights on and reassured my child that their are not monsters in our house.
  • When I used phrases such as: think before you speak, be nice to your brother, if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all, and I am not your maid.
  • When I was able to change a dirty diaper with nothing but dry paper towels and a toilet seat cover.
What was your moment??

1 comment:

  1. *I couldn't figure out what stunk in my house until I realized I had throw up down my back.
    *I didn't mind being used as a teething toy.
    *I could change a diaper and sheet at once. In the dark. Without waking the baby.
    *I could go to bed at 8pm and STILL be tired the next day.


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