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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She's Doing What?!

I am very, very excited to tell you all about something new that is going to be happening right here on Momsie!  As my 4 year old says I am "one million excited!!"  As you all know I love having guest bloggers.  Its fun to read about other people's thoughts and how things are in their home.  So, I am thrilled to announce that there is going to be a permanent guest blogger joining me every week!  Once a week she will contribute a post and I know you all are going to love it.  How do I know?  Well, because the day she posted something for me a few months ago caused some of the heaviest traffic to my site that I have seen.  The new girl is none other than my sister, Adrienne who posted this little gem:  "10 Things I thought Motherhood Would Be".

If you read that post you probably peed your pants for starters and then seriously questioned whether this woman should be allowed to have children.  Then you probably sighed a huge sense of relief knowing that someone else felt just like you.  If you read that post you will be shocked at what is next on the horizon for Adrienne.  I can't tell you anymore than that...you will have to just make sure to check in next Wednesday, June 1st to find out!

Before I let Adrienne lose on this site I need to formally introduce her to you.  Who better to give you the low-down on someone than her very own sister.  Adrienne is the oldest of me and my sisters and was the stereotypical oldest child growing up.  She used to play school with us and actually assigned homework that had to be completed.  I don't know what's sadder, that she actually checked our work or that we were dumb enough to do it.  She had endless imagination and would always come up with activities for us to do.  Some of my personal favorites were playing Little House on the Prairie, pretending to be a band, or reenacting The Sound of Music.

Oh and then there were some other "fun" memories.  Like that time she wrote fake secret admirer letters to me and convinced me to meet "him" in the park.  It was awesome when I showed up to find my mystery man was actually my middle sister in my dad's coat with a paper bag over her head.  Another great time was when she convinced us that my parents would love it if we rearranged all of the furniture in our house.  For some reason my parents did not love having every piece of furniture caddy-cornered, in every room.  Weird?!

Adrienne has some great qualities, one of my favorites being her intense phobia of throwing up.  She is so physically afraid of puking that she has willed herself not to almost her entire life.  She has not thrown up since the 5th grade.  I find this to be almost miraculous.  You would assume that after 25 years has passed since a person has thrown up that they would feel calm when faced with a stomach bug, but not Adrienne.  If she hears of anyone within a 30 mile radius of her home having the stomach bug she goes into full on psycho mode.  If your child catches any type of throw-up virus they better not have been around her family in at least 97 hours.  I remember the first time my niece and her spent the night with me and my niece got sick.  I didn't have kids of my own and I just assumed that maternal instinct would rule over her phobia.  When I came down the hallway to find my niece standing in a pool of vomit, I almost couldn't hear her whimpers over my sister's screams as she ran past me, away from her own child. 

Adrienne also has a knack for being in really embarrassing situations.  I swear I remember breast-feeding and hearing my mom say "Adrienne, please think before you speak."  One time when she did not heed that advice was while waiting tables in college.  The kitchen guys used to love to play pranks and decided to add a name to the wait list.  They then told Adrienne to go call the next group for their table.  Adrienne went and loudly over the microphone called for Stankbutt, party of 4!  Or how about the time she called the bank to complain about some fees she was being charged.  The lady patiently went over all the fees the bank was obligated to charge.  Adrienne, looking over her statement frustrated said, "Ok well what about this Proactive charge??"  The lady, probably feeling pity at this point said "Ma'am I believe that Proactive is an acne medication."

Adrienne is always good for laughs and they have only multiplied now that she is raising 3 lively little girls.  I cannot wait for you all to get a peek into her world each week.  Make sure to check in on Wednesdays for her posts beginning June 1st!

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  1. I'm assuming my invite got lost in the mail?? Ha! Adrienne is MUCH crazier than I am so you picked the right sister to blog:)


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