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Monday, May 9, 2011

Help for Removing Your Butt From the Couch...

I hate when anyone insinuates that stay-at-home-moms just sit around all day while the kids nap.  I won't even begin to defend us moms on why thats absurd (idiots!), but if I do have a free minute to myself I know that my butt is much more drawn to a couch than a treadmill.  I am small by nature but small, people, does not equal fit.  I am probably the most out-of-shape "small" person you will meet.  And I have never, ever been a runner.  So the fact that I am here today to tell you that I am training for a 5K is huge, HUGE news.  I feel kind of dumb having to "train" to run 3 miles but I do and so far I am actually enjoying it.  The program I am following is the Couch-to-5k program (C25K).  Its a great running schedule that works you into running gradually, hence the reason I am actually still doing it.  It is a 9-week program and I am on week 4 and I never thought I would say this but I actually like running now.   I started this because I wanted to have a goal to work toward so that I would stay motivated and this has really done the trick.  I haven't chosen a 5k yet but I am looking into ones near the beach so I can plan a trip around it.  I am telling you, that if I can do this anyone can!!  It s a 3 day-a-week commitment and it really does baby-step you into running.  If you would like to start C25K check out their site.  I have been going to the Y to run but there are also so many great greenways around that you don't need a membership to a gym to start.  Let me know if you decide to do this or have suggestions for any other programs!


  1. LOL! I read this and thought, I know what you mean. Skinny does not equal healthy. I am what my husband likes to call "skinny fat". I've apparently created a new category. We'll talk about his punishment for that later. :) So anyway, I am hoping to do another sprint triathlon this year if you're interested! Also, I am going to try and run a half marathon sometime by December. We'll see if that happens!

  2. You are still probably in better shape than me! I don't know how you live with that health nut :) A sprint sounds really scary to me still but maybe you can motivate me?!


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