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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Celebrate a Mama

This weekend there is a day set aside just for moms.  A day that should be spent expressing your utmost gratitude for this lady that not only lugged you around inside her womb for 9 months but birthed you and has since dedicated her life to you.  Mother's Day used to fall under the same category as like, Secretary's Day for me.  I grew up with a great mom and I definitely appreciated her I just didn't get what all the fuss was about.  Luckily I grew up with a father who was smart enough to make us celebrate her on that day no matter what.  My first Mother's Day as an actual mother was special but more for the fact that I was in the club and could now call myself a mother.  It was yet another milestone our new family was celebrating and to be really real it was a good test for my husband to see if he really appreciated me.  Plus it was almost kind of a let down because even though it was supposed to be "my day" that didn't stop poop diapers from happening or bottles that had to be made.

Since that first year I have grown to learn what motherhood really is about.  Not only do you get initiated into this new role with sleep deprivation, brain cell loss, and a new best friend called worry, you also quickly learn that your life is not, nor ever will be just yours again.  I have been reminded over and over again just how selfish I could be before children whether it be sleeping in on weekends or making stupid decisions.  What used to be decisions I made for myself and only myself now had to be weighed and decided based on someone else.  And the hardest part of all was learning that I now had something so precious to me that I could not protect from life and that I would have to some day let grow up.

Mom, I believe, is a title you earn over the course of your life.  You get your first couple if badges when you give up your freedoms while pregnant and protect the little gummy bear inside.  You get more when you manage to make it through the first newborn months without killing someone.  You earn another when  you miss a fun night with friends because your babysitter cancelled.  And yet another when you stand by your child's side and rub their back as they throw up.  As they get older the title is going to be harder to earn because it will take even more patience, even more wisdom, and even more love.  

A close friend of mine is going through her parents divorce right now and she is having to deal with a lot of really hard emotions.  She had to help her father move into his apartment, on his birthday and still try to be strong for him.  When she woke up the next morning her son was doing typical 2-year-old stuff: whining, crying, wanting, etc.  Through tears she said "Its not fair, I can't be a mom today but I guess the show has to go on."  That sums up motherhood perfectly.  You aren't always up for it but it doesn't stop. Its the 24/7 job that we all wanted so badly but had no way of preparing for.  

So I finally get what all the fuss is about.  Mother's Day is not just some made-up holiday and an excuse to eat brunch, its a day to really celebrate ourselves.  Its a day to sit back and realize that you are someone's mom and you will be responsible for all of their wonderful memories and the rock they come back to rely on year after year.  Will we get it right every second of every day...no.  Did your mom...no.  But don't you respect your mom even more knowing now what she did go through for you?!  To make it through one day as a mother with your sanity and with every one feeling loved is a feat.  Don't forget that as you put your feet up and relax this Sunday!  I hope that you all get whatever it is that you want on that day and I hope we all can take a minute to congratulate ourselves on another year survived: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Beth, I love the way you write. This made me tear up! Happy mothers day to you!


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